Monday, January 9, 2017

Qoute On A Shirt: Promotional Post 1

Nearly seven years ago, I sat in a dorm room writing down my goals. One of those goals was a T-shirt company.  Today, I still want to create my own T-shirt business. Below, you will find out the basic information about Quote On A Shirt.

What is Quote On A Shirt?
Quote On A Shirt is an apparel brand that features quotes on a T-shirt. The quote used are meant to inspire people.

Why you should buy a T-shirt?
Below are the reasons you should buy a T-shirt:

Unlike many other online stores, Quote On A Shirt, prices are reasonable. I will not sell anyone a shirt that cost a lot of money. Quote On A Shirt, prices  will range between $10-$15.

Entire Family
Our T-shirts can be worn by the entire  family. We currently offer men and women t-shirts. Be on the lookout for children's shirt.

Link to Purchase Shirts.

Shirts can be purchased on our Teespring online store, click here to view and purchase a T-shirt.
Thanks for reading my promotional post. I appreciate the support.

Facebook Page.
To join Quote On A Shirt on Facebook, click here.

Slogan: Inspiring, Positive, and Affordable.



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