Friday, November 28, 2014

Daily Two Cents and Writedge: Two Sites Allow you To Earn Residual Income

Photo Credit Pixabay
Daily Two Cent is a site that allows it earn residual income writing short articles. Articles must be 100 words and well written. Writers are paid a half a cent per word. In addition, writers earn from affilate programs, writers can incorporte their Zazzle account, Allposters account, Chitika accounts, Amazaon affiliate program, and other programs. Writers are paid on a net 30 basis. For example, you will get your November earnings on January 2. Writers get paid via PayPal when
their accounts reaches $5.

Writedge is a the sister site of Daily Two Cents. Like it's sister site, writers can earn half a cent per page view, must have $5 in their account before they get paid, and must have a PayPal account. Unlike it's sister site writers must write articles that are 400 words long. Articles must be well written for Writedge as well.

Daily Two Cents changed the amount writers get paid per page view. Writers will get $1.50 per l,000 unique pageviews  or 0.0015 per view.

July 1, 2015
Daily Two Cents raised the CPM to 2.00 per 1,000 page views.