Friday, August 7, 2015

Exodus3000 Game Review

If you spend your time playing video games for free, you should consider get playing this game.

What is Exodus3000?
Exodus3000 has been around since 2006. According to their website site, Exodus3009 has paid there member $65,000 in since 2006.

How does Exodus3000 work?
Those who play Exodus3000 will have to have a futuristic mindset, the games takes place in 1000 years from present day. Once you are apart of the Exodus3000 community, you will earn Mars Dollars, the virtual currency used in the game. Mars Dollars can be exchanged for real money. Users will earn money for mining vocanoes, searching ruins, attacking other players, and recruiting other members. For each referral you recruit, you will receive 100 moves and 5000 Mars Dollars. New members will earn 5000 Mars Dollars as well.

Let's Talk about Pay
Exodus3000 is in the process of updating there payment process. I suggest checking the site for an updated payment process.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Get Paid to Search on Scour

What is Scour?
Scour is a paid to search site. Like other paid to search sites, Scour will not be a fulltime income site put it is a good site to earn a pocket change.

How does Scour Work?
Scour allows users to earn users earn money doing paid searches and voting and commenting on keywords that have been searched. Voting is really important, this allows the members to give Scour feedback. Scour has strict guidelines, before you join the site, read the F.A.Q.s and educate yourself on the guidelines.

Let's Talk about Pay
Scour pays members 3 points a search. With that being said, members are paid for the first 100 searches a day. In addition, Scour pays their members for recruiting referrals. To be precise, users will earn 25% of their referrals earnings. If you have several friends, you could make some decent pocket change. In closing, the payout amount is $25. I order to receive users to receive their PayPal payment they must earn 6500.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sell Your Skills on TaskArmy

What is TaskArmy?
TaskArmy is a site were freelancers can post their skills and services for a specific amount of money.

How Does TaskArmy Work?
TaskArmy allows members to sell their services. TaskArmy allows their users to create a portfolio to attract customers. TaskArmy administrators recommend freelancers create a catchy phrase to promote their services. For example, "I can write quality articles quickly" may be a good title. In addition, TaskArmy recommend that you live up to your claims and market all your talents.

Lets Talk about Pay
TaskArmy allows users to create the price they would like to sell their services at. With that being said, users earning depend on the amount of task you complete and the price you sell your services for. Users are paid via PayPal.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Make Extra Money with Mini Jobz

What is Mini Jobs?
Mini Jobz is a site that pays users to do multiple task. To be more specific, the site is a pay-per-action site. In addition, the site only allows one account per person and you cannot change your country or email address later on.

How Does Mini Jobz Work?
Mini Jobs members can earn extra money doing many things. A few things users get paid to do is comment, like, and sign ups. Another thing members should know is, the person that created the task can invite certain members to complete the task.

Lets Talk About Pay
Mini Jobz pay via PayPal and Payza. Users must have $5 in their account in order to withdraw their earnings.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Make Extra Money with MobileWorks

What is MobileWorks?
MobileWorks is a site that specializes in data collections. The site is owned by LeadGenius. If you like doing freelance data entry work, keep reading, Mobile Works may be the site for you.

How does MobileWorks Work?
Mobile Works has application process. The site trains remote data collections specialist worldwide. To be more specific, successful applicants will be do research and other simple tasks for a company's sales team, allowing the sales tewm to focus on their pitch.

Lets Talk about Pay
MobileWorks has two methods for receiving payments, PayPal and Skrills. PayPal redemptions are free for U.S. If you live outside the United States a fee will be deducted from your earnings (0.5%-2.0%). Scrolls charges $0.50 for each redemption.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Take Paid Surveys on Harris Poll Online

What is Harris Poll Online?
Harris Poll Online is survey site. With that being said, Harris Poll Online may be a good site for you to use to earn some extra money. If surveys are your thing keep reading. Users will take surveys that will influence the government, businesses, and non-profits.

How does Harris Poll Online Work?
Harris Online Poll invites users to earn points in exchange for rewards. The points users earn are called Hipoints. Users will be invited to take survey's via email. When users first register for the site they will be given surveys to earn points quickly. After the introductory survey, users will begin receive surveys regularly. If users do not qualify for a survey, they will earn 15 Hipoints, a Histakes entry (definition was not on the sites public pages), and a chance to win a $10,000e sweepstakes.

Let's Talk about Pay?
There was no information regarding PayPal payments, but can cash in their points fro Amazon, iTunes, ESPN, and Starbucks. Based on the wording on the site, there appears to be more reward options, however, those options seem to be available to members.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Make Extra Money With Url Cash

What is Url Cash?
Url Cash is a link shortener and a popular Linkbucks alternative. With that being said, users can earn extra money by simply posting links that have converted. To be specific, an advertisement will appear before the original content and the account holder will get paid. 

How Does Url Cash Work?
Url Cash users have three options when shortening links: automatic link script, multiple link generator, and instant galleries. 

Automatic Link Script
Many link shortened have a options similar to this one. Users will simply post a JavaScript code on their website and earn money when someone clicks on their links and leave their website. All links are tracked by Url Cash software.

Multiple Link Generator
User will shorten links and post them on forums and social media accounts. Users will be able reuse the links anytime they want to.

Instant Galleries
The instant galleries option allow users to create a gallery using an process called unregulated images. Users will get paid for each view and for the links on that instant galleries as well.

Lets Talk about Pay?
Url Cash pays users 90 percent of revenue generated by the company. In addition, users also earn 35% of of their referrals earnings. Another perk that Url Cash offers members is no payout amount, users can request payout at anytime. Users can claim payments via Wire Transfers, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve.