Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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To promote my online store, Quote On A Shirt, I have decided to get an email list started. If you would like to be apart of my e-mail list, you can put your email me at Put QOAS email shirt in subject box. Thanks


Slogan: Inspiring, Positive, and Affordable.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Promotional Post 2: The First Quote

  • First, I would like to thank you for reading my promotional post.

The first quote: The first quote is "Haters Inspire Me".

When Was a the Quote Created: " Haters Inspire Me" came about in the summer of 2016.

Meaning: "Haters Inspire Me" is a quote that encourage people to  prove their doubters wrong. If someone doubt your ability, prove them wrong.

Sizes: Men and women.

Price: $12


Facebook Link:

Slogan: Inspiring, Positive, and Affordable.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Qoute On A Shirt: Promotional Post 1

Nearly seven years ago, I sat in a dorm room writing down my goals. One of those goals was a T-shirt company.  Today, I still want to create my own T-shirt business. Below, you will find out the basic information about Quote On A Shirt.

What is Quote On A Shirt?
Quote On A Shirt is an apparel brand that features quotes on a T-shirt. The quote used are meant to inspire people.

Why you should buy a T-shirt?
Below are the reasons you should buy a T-shirt:

Unlike many other online stores, Quote On A Shirt, prices are reasonable. I will not sell anyone a shirt that cost a lot of money. Quote On A Shirt, prices  will range between $10-$15.

Entire Family
Our T-shirts can be worn by the entire  family. We currently offer men and women t-shirts. Be on the lookout for children's shirt.

Link to Purchase Shirts.

Shirts can be purchased on our Teespring online store, click here to view and purchase a T-shirt.
Thanks for reading my promotional post. I appreciate the support.

Facebook Page.
To join Quote On A Shirt on Facebook, click here.

Slogan: Inspiring, Positive, and Affordable.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Combination Post 4

Photo Credit Pixabay

Since I have been doing the combination post, I have seen a increase in traffic to the pages on the site. With that being said. I am going to do another one. Here are a few earning sites from the blog.

1. Chatabout
Chatabout is a get paid to site, or gpt site/paid to chat site. Users can get paid to chat and participate in offers on the sites bonus page. The site pays via PayPal for cash redemptions and Amazon gift cards. The lowest redemption option is 500 points for $5. Read more here,

2. IQ
IQ is site where users will get paid to answer question via text messages. Most of the sites clients offer questions with a price of .25 thru .50. Users can also donate their earnings to charity. Read more here,

3. Miscellaneous Page
Nielsen Mobile Panel
iPhone owners could earn up to $50 a year, by giving this company access to your cellphone data.

Fetch! Pet Care
If you like dog sitting, apply to be apart of the Fetch! Pet Care team.

4. Writing & Outsourcing
Alaska Parent Will pay you $40-$200 for parenting tips.
Appstorm will pay you $60 for articles about apps.
Articles will have to be approved before getting paid

Feel free to browse the blog for more earning opportunities.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

2 More Earning Apps

Selling your pictures you take via your smartphone is a option for smartphone owners. If you are a good photographer, you should consider joining the two sites featured in this post. PicaStock will be the earning app mentioned.

Similar to Foap and other apps that allow you to sell your photography from you cellphone, PicaStock consider themselves to the app to some of the best authentic photos and discover new ones. The earning app also allow you to share your photos on social media and see other photographers taking similar photos. If you have photo on your Instagram, flickr, or dropbox, you can upload them as well. In regards to pay, PicaStock rewards users with a 50% commission on each sale. There is more information about PicaStock in the PlayStore.

According to the app description, PhoFun is one of the newer apps in this space. After reading the app description, it seems like the have a point system. There was no conversion rates mentioned. The app seems to help there users, they give helpful information about titles, and even offer missions to earn more coins. For more information, use your cellphone and learn about the app yourself.


Friday, July 1, 2016

Earn Gift Cards with S'more

Photo Credit Pixabay

It is safe to say that lockscreen apps are becoming increasingly popular, and they are perfect for smartphone owners. If you are not familiar with lockscreen apps, keep reading. Today we will talk about S'more.

What is S'more? S'more is a lockscreen app. According to S'more, they will be renting your lockscreen space of your smartphone.

How Do I Get Paid?

Like other earning apps, S'more pays users via points. Once users reach the required amount of points, he or she will be able to cash out and receive a gift cards. The app description does not say anything about PayPal redemptions. Users are required to accumulated 150 points to receive their first cash out and 100 points for redemptions after that.
Number of Downloads.
S'more has 10,000 downloads.
In closing, S'more is similar to other lockscreen apps available for download. Hint: users will not get paid for interacting with content. He or she will be only wasting their time interacting for extra points. You can learn more about this app from your smartphone. Get to downloading!

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Be Social on Rabadaba.

Photo Creidt: Myself via Paint

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you might as well get paid for doing it. Before, you dive in and begin posting and liking what others are doing on the earning app featured in this post, Rabadaba.
How Does Rabadaba Work?
Rabadaba, is similiar to other social media sites you are most likely apart of it. On Rabadaba, users earn money doing the following things: posting, sharing, voting, and reporting inappropiate content.
Type of Post Allowed
There is nothing new compared to other social media sites on the web, Rabadaba works just like the other one. With that being said, users can post photos, videos, and audio and test post.
Payment Info
Virtual Currency
Like other online sites, Rabadaba has it own currency, called credits.
Payment Processor
The sites sends payments to PayPal in the form of U.S. Dollars. Users can select their own minimum payment amount as well.

How do I Earn Credits?
Users earn credits each time he or she votes on content. For each vote, users will receive 1 credit.
When another user upvote your post, you will earn 1 credit.

If your reshares get votes, you will earn 1 credit

If you find something inappropiate and report it to the apps admins, you will earn 1 credit for your good deed.
If you find a piece of content that you give that user a tip. I am not sure, but this tip may cause your earning to decrease.
For more information, you can go to the Google PlayStore, or the AppStore to review the app for yourself.