Sunday, September 20, 2015

Earn Money On Your Cellphone

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If you own a cellphone, why not get paid to use. With that being said, you can use apps that will to earn some extra money. Some apps will pay you in cash and others will pay you in the form of points. Below are a few options you can use to earn some extra cash.

1. Viggle

Viggle is a good app to use when watching tv and listening to music. Like many other apps, Viggle pays their users in points. All users have to do is tap the app when they are listening to music or watching their favorite tv show. In addition, users can play games and sign up for the company's lockscreen service. I could not find Viggle's payout information, but 30 to 50 cents is equal to 1 cent.

2. Earn Money

Earn Money has said that there site is the best way to earn money. With that being said, users can earn money registering for free sites and many other tasks. To be precise, users can earn money watching ads, visiting a webpage, or taking surveys. Earn Money pays users via PayPal. The money users earn from completing offers are paid sent to users PayPal accounts the next day. In addition, users are paid $.25 for every referral and 100 point are equal to $1.00. Last but not least, this app is andriod only.

3. Quick Cash

Quick Cash is a way to monetize your social networks. For the most part, users will post apps on their social media accounts and get paid when their friends and followers download the apps they sugguest. In addition, users can earn money with Quick Cash partner sites. A few of their partner sites are, Supersonic Offers, Aarki, Superrewards, and Trial Pay. Users are paid via PayPal.

In addition, to the information written above, you can click on the links listed below and find other smartphone apps that will pay you.

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