Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Get Paid for Likes Review

Many people spend several hours on Facebook, but do not get paid for it. One online site plans to change that. Get Paid for Likes is a online site that pay users to like Facebook pages. Get Paid for Likes was established in 2012 and offers an easy sign up process, all users need is an Facebook page and a PayPal account. After you sign into your Facebook account via the "Click Here to Start" button you can begin liking pages and earning money. Users will have to sign everything through the portal mental above.

How it Works

The client will list the price they are willing to pay you to befriend their Facebook page and you will get paid for, some clients will pay 4 cents for you to like their page. In addition to getting paid for liking Facebook pages, you can earn for referring others as well; users will get 30% commission of what their friends make.

Payment Process

You can request a payment once you have earned $5. Users will enter their PayPal email address in the appropriate space when they request a payment. Before you can get your money, you will have to wait 7-10 days. The company checks for any illegal activity with your account.

For more information about the site click here. I would appreciate it if you shared this page with anybody in need of earning money from home and/or your social media pages.

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