Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sell Articles at Dotwriter.com

Photo Credit Pixabay
If you are looking to write articles and post them on the internet to sell them afterwards, you are on the right blog post. The earning site featured in this post is a site for writers wanting to sell original content.

What is Dotwriter?

As mentioned aboved, dotwriter.com is a online marketplace where writers can sell their original content or write articles that are requested by buyers. Once you sell the rights to your original content, you no longer have any rights to the article.

How does Dotwriter work?

After your content is submitted to dotwriter.com, the site's staff take a look at your work before submitting it clients. The site would like to have their clients be impressed with your work.

How does Dotwriter Pay?

Like many other sites on the internet, Dotwriter pays via PayPal. Users must earn $10 before they can get a PayPal redemption. In addition, users can earn more money with Dotwriter affiliate program.


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