Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Textbroker Review

Textbroker is a popular content mill that many writers write for. Before you can join the start writing for the site you must submit a writing sample that Textbroker's editors will grade. The highest level is 5 where you will earn half a cent per word and the lowest level is 2 where writers will earn 0.078 cents per words. Level three writers can earn 1 per word, level four writers earn 1.4 cents per word, and level five writers earn five cents a word.


Good Place to Write

Textbroker is a good place to write, and the best part about is you do not have to be a professional writer. With that being said, you can write their if you are a college student, unemployed, aspire to be a professional writer, or just looking for some pocket change.


Textbroker is a legit site that pays their writers on time. Writers will get paid every Friday and must claim their money the night before, 11:59 p.m. PST time zone.

Direct Orders

If you make a good impression on a client you may get direct orders where you can set your own price. This will allow you to earn more money.


Getting Graded

Textbrokers have editors that will grade your work periodically an give you and overall grade of 2-5. This is a con because if you are a low level writer you will not earn a lot of money.


Textbroker may not have a lot of work and that may hurt your earnings for that day.


Textbroker only accepts writers from certain countries, the site requires proof of citizenship before you can join.


Rumor has it that Textbroker will automatically assign you to level three due to the writing sample being too short. After you first five assignments are completed, your work will be edited and your writing level may change.

The following link is a link to some of the rules grammatical guidelines set by Textbroker,

Textbroker is open to countries outside the United States. You can find the countries on the top left side of the page, you click on the tab by that precedes the Company and Support tabs.

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