Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Task Rabbit Review

Task Rabbit Is a company that hire freelancers to do a variety of tasks that you are not able to do. Task Rabbit will match you assignment with qualified Taskers (term used t describe freelancers). The company is very selective and put potential Tasker through an interview process before they can start accepting task. The company charges a 20% fee for each task to provide around the clock Member Support Services.

Job Description

Each task will vary and depends on the person that hires you to perform the task. Tasker's may be walking someone's dog or running errands for someone in exchange for cash.


The company is available in more than 19 cities, a few are New York City, Boston, and Atlanta. You will have to see if is available in your city.


Payment for each task is a price that the Tasker must agree with before accepting it from his or her client. With that being said, many Taskers are paid per hour. Task Rabbit will handle the payment process, including cancellations.

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