Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ISpyPlates Review

ISpyPlates is a company that specializes earning money by receiving text messages and giving the company license plate numbers. If you are interested about this company keep reading. To be more specific, this site is similar to FreeEats in regards to earning money for recieving text messages.

Receiving Text Messages
Like FreeEats you are paid just for receiving test messages. In addition, the company offers a referral program for their users as well. There is no payment amount mentioned on the site so you will have to join or do addition research to find out. ISpyPlates will send you text messages from companies that want feedback about their product or service.

License Plates
Many of you are thinking why give them license plates numbers. The license plates numbers you will give the company will be used by law enforcement, repo men and women, and insurance companies. I guess this is to help them look for stolen vehicles. There is no pay rate listed on the site home page for each license plate you give the company so you will have to join to find out more information. Nor is there any information about how you will collect the license plate numbers (random or with permission). However, there is information about the bonuses you will receive. For starters, you will be paid a $50 bonus when you enter your first ten license plates. You will receive $25 a piece for your first three referrals.

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