Saturday, July 18, 2015

Get Paid to Shop with Bonusbay

If you like shopping, why not earn extra spending money doing it.
What is Bonusbay?

Bonusbay is a cash back site dedicated to shopper. Users will earn a certain amount of money every time they shop at a webstore via Bonusbay.

How does Bonusbay Work?
The money you earn will come from the webstore you shop at. To be more specific, if you purchase a $500 hotel room on, you will be rewarded $37.50 for shopping via Bonusbay.

Lets Talk About Pay
Payments can be made via PayPal one your balance reach $15.

Turn Waste into Cash

What is Recyclix?
Recyclix is site dedicated to waste. The site allows users to buy waste and profit from the unwanted material by recycling it.

How does Recyclix Work?
The first section says it all, but this section will give you more information. Users will invest their money in recyclable materials but not their time, Recyclix have hired a staff to turn the material into a useable product again. Users will earn if the product sell. Recyclix will market your reusable products to a global audience.

Lets Talk about Pay
The site does not mention anything about the payment process. I guess you will have to join in order to find this information out.

Get Paid to Create Videos

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What is Famebit?
Famebit is  a site dedicated to YouTubers. If you like making YouTube videos, Famebit may become your new go to site.

How does Famebit Work?
Famebit appears to be a really simple site, users will create video for brands and get paid for it. Once you create your free account, you will browse the site looking for companies that you would like to work with. Next, you will tell the company  what kind of YouTube video you are going to make along with your fee.

Lets Talk about Pay
If the brand decides to hire you, you will get paid via PayPal of Check. Click the link above and see if this site is the earning site for you.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Monetize Your Blog With Adhexa

If you have a blog, Adhexa is one blog monetization service that you can use to monetize your site. 

What is Adhexa?
Adhexa is a CPM blog monetization service. With that being said, publishers will get paid every time someone visit their blog. The claims to offer high CPMs. 

How Does it Work?
Publishers will apply to become a publisher with Adhexa. If a blog is approved, the publisher would be allowed to publishers to place ads on their page. In addition, Adhexa has 3000 plus ads to choose from and real time reporting. For more information click the link above.

Lets Talk About Pay
Adhexa offers flexible payments. Users can request payments using the following payment processors: PayPal, Shrill, and Ware.

Make Money with Balance Your Books

What is Balance Your Books?
Balance Your Books is a work form home site that dedicated to business professionals. If you are a business graduate this work from home site will be a good option for you. The site was acquired by in 2007.

How does Balance Your Books Work?
Business professionals will be able to work in the following areas: Customer Invoicing & Statements
Collections, Bill Paying, Bank Account Reconciliations, Financial Reports, and Management reports.
Balance Your Books/Accounting Department requires has an application process click the link above and get explore the site.

Let's Talk about Pay.
The site does does not mention anything about pay on the sites homepage. I can only assume that you will find out after you apply and get hired.

Once you on the homepage

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Join GPTbee

What is GPTbee
The name of the site say it all, GPTbee, is a gpt or get paid to site. The  site is a newer site and  does not tolerate any type of cheating, accounts will be suspended if users are caught cheating.

How Does It Work?
The site pays users to complete foreclosure tasks, surveys, get free cash gifts, and gift vouchers. With that being said, GPTbee has more then 10 coveralls, a few are TokenAds, OfferToro, Superrewards, and Matomy. In addition to offerwalls, users will get paid to daily surveys, paid to click, downloads, and signup offers.  To make things better, this site is open to non U.S. residents.

Lets Talk about Pay?
Users can request a payment  when they earn $1.00. If users want a cash payment, they can request a payment via PayPal or Payza. If you prefer gift cards, users have several options to choose from. To be more specific, users can request gift cards for the following  companies, Sears, iTunes, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sprouts, the Shell gas station, and Tech Iron.
For more information, users can click the link above and explore the site.

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A Brief Review of Textmaster

If you are into content mill writing, Textmaster maybe a good site to join.

What is Textmaster?
If you read the opening sentence, you already know that Textmastet is a content mill. Read the review and see if you would like writing for clients. In addition, users can choose from three titles, Translator (French to English, Italian to English), English Copywriting, and English proofreading. 

How Does it Work?
The site offers three levels for writers, Basic, Standard, or Enterprise. Your score on the test, depend on the level you are assigned and your congrats, higher level writers are paid 13.7 cent per word. Textmaster's will monitor your progress and reassign your ranking when your writing has improved.

Let's Talk About Pay
Writer can receive a PayPal payment when they reach €50.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mykites Review

What is Mykites?
Mykites is a micro-blogging site that allows users to write, share, and most importantly, earn extra money. The site is based in India, but allow international users to join.To make things better users will be rewards points when someone view, looks, or comment on they content. After reading the FAQ's, the sites administrators ask that member interact with other members on the site.

How Does it Work?
Their are  5 levels that "Kiters" have to go through. The levels are listed below:

The amount of Flight Points determines your level. Users may also receieve extra benefits when reaching a new level.

Let's Talk about Pay?
As mention in the last paragraph, users are paid in  Flight Points. Points can be redeem via PayPal of check for Indian residents. If you want a specific numbers, 5000 Flight Points much be reached before users can be redeemed.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Virtual Assistant Jobs Review

What is Virtual Assistant Jobs?
Virtual Assistant Jobs is a website dedicated to individuals that are looking for work at home administrative professionals.  If you are an administrative professional, you can search this site and apply for work from home, virtual assistant jobs that are available.

How does it work?
The site has multiple work from home virtual assistant jobs available to apply for. Users must surf the listing and apply for the jobs they like. A few jobs on the site at this time are TV Recapper, Television Caption Typist, and Online Data/Content Assistants.

Lets Talk about  Pay
The jobs all have different pay. One company is currently seeking bloggers and are willing to pay $90 for one post.  In addition, other jobs pay $15 an hour.

Get paid to Display Ads on your Car

Millions of people have cars and those. With that being said, why not earn extra money by simply driving your car. This can be done with vehicle advertising. This would work well for college students, stay at home parents, or anybody looking for some extra income. One site that allows you to do this is Free Car Media.

What is Free Car Media?How does it Work?
Free Car Media allows their users to put ads on his or her cars in exchange for money. The company will partner you and your car with one of their advertisers. Some drivers only drive with ads on their cars for six months and others participate in for 24 months.

Lets Talk about Pay
Most drivers are paid up to $400. You will not be able to quit your day jobs, but you can earn some good money just for driving your car.

Do your homework before signing up for a site like this, you could easily get scammed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Earn Residual Income on Thoughtz Factory

What is Thought Factory?
Thoughtz Factory is a residual writing site. The site is a new site that is based in India, however, foreign writers are allowed. If you would like to know more about this site, you can find out more information below

How does it Work?
Thoughtz Factory is a site with a rules. The rules of the sites are listed below:

Articles can only be written in English.
You articles should contain 500 characters
Your content must original
Images must be 1000kb or less
Pornographic related material is not allowed
You must provide image credit
Your comments must be 40 characters
You cannot participate in traffic exchanges or use any bots to get views.

Let's Talk about Pay
The site has a 50/50 split payment system. Writers can redeem their payment once they reach $25.