Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Brief Review of Textmaster

If you are into content mill writing, Textmaster maybe a good site to join.

What is Textmaster?
If you read the opening sentence, you already know that Textmastet is a content mill. Read the review and see if you would like writing for clients. In addition, users can choose from three titles, Translator (French to English, Italian to English), English Copywriting, and English proofreading. 

How Does it Work?
The site offers three levels for writers, Basic, Standard, or Enterprise. Your score on the test, depend on the level you are assigned and your congrats, higher level writers are paid 13.7 cent per word. Textmaster's will monitor your progress and reassign your ranking when your writing has improved.

Let's Talk About Pay
Writer can receive a PayPal payment when they reach €50.

1 comment:

  1. They take your work up to 50 euros but keep the money until you agree to do more work for them. Then they say it was all not good enough and don't pay. Even though you see it reproduced.