Friday, July 1, 2016

Be Social on Rabadaba.

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If you spend a lot of time on social media, you might as well get paid for doing it. Before, you dive in and begin posting and liking what others are doing on the earning app featured in this post, Rabadaba.
How Does Rabadaba Work?
Rabadaba, is similiar to other social media sites you are most likely apart of it. On Rabadaba, users earn money doing the following things: posting, sharing, voting, and reporting inappropiate content.
Type of Post Allowed
There is nothing new compared to other social media sites on the web, Rabadaba works just like the other one. With that being said, users can post photos, videos, and audio and test post.
Payment Info
Virtual Currency
Like other online sites, Rabadaba has it own currency, called credits.
Payment Processor
The sites sends payments to PayPal in the form of U.S. Dollars. Users can select their own minimum payment amount as well.

How do I Earn Credits?
Users earn credits each time he or she votes on content. For each vote, users will receive 1 credit.
When another user upvote your post, you will earn 1 credit.

If your reshares get votes, you will earn 1 credit

If you find something inappropiate and report it to the apps admins, you will earn 1 credit for your good deed.
If you find a piece of content that you give that user a tip. I am not sure, but this tip may cause your earning to decrease.
For more information, you can go to the Google PlayStore, or the AppStore to review the app for yourself.

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