Friday, July 1, 2016

Earn Gift Cards with S'more

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It is safe to say that lockscreen apps are becoming increasingly popular, and they are perfect for smartphone owners. If you are not familiar with lockscreen apps, keep reading. Today we will talk about S'more.

What is S'more? S'more is a lockscreen app. According to S'more, they will be renting your lockscreen space of your smartphone.

How Do I Get Paid?

Like other earning apps, S'more pays users via points. Once users reach the required amount of points, he or she will be able to cash out and receive a gift cards. The app description does not say anything about PayPal redemptions. Users are required to accumulated 150 points to receive their first cash out and 100 points for redemptions after that.
Number of Downloads.
S'more has 10,000 downloads.
In closing, S'more is similar to other lockscreen apps available for download. Hint: users will not get paid for interacting with content. He or she will be only wasting their time interacting for extra points. You can learn more about this app from your smartphone. Get to downloading!

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