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Creating Slogans
If you are good at creating phrases, Slogan Zingers could use your help. With that being said, get paid to create slogans.

If you good at critiquing other people writing, you can get paid to edit for Paper Check.

Blog Monetization
Adclarity is a site that is a affiliate marketing site that bloggers can use to monetize their blogs.

Google AdSense is a blog monetization service owned and operated by Google. The service pays for ad clicks and page views. The site has an approval process.

If you like monetize your website, you can create a javascript with Shorte.st and earn when someone clicks your links.

You can use this in-text advertisement program to monetize keywords in your content.

If you like link shorteners, you can get paid when you click on a link in your blog

Chitika is a Google AdSense alternative, that does not require any approval

Daily Motion
If you like to earn from watching videos, you can try form or blog monetization on your site.

Choose multiple earning options with this link shortener. The sites shares 75% of earnings with Publishers.

Get paid via PayPal for sharing links. Earn as much as $10 for 1000 views. Users can request a payment when they earn $5.

Self Publishing
Amazon Kindle Self Publishing is a service that Amazon offers to novelist. If you have an idea for a book, click the link and get acquainted with Amazon Kindle rules and tips for authors. Writers earn up to 70% or royalties.


ShoutMeLoud is a blog about blogging, WordPress, and making money online.
If you have an Google Adsense account, you can earn a few extra dollars on this site.
Overblog is a french web hosting site that allow ordinary individuals to create blogs. The international hosting site evens work with adversiters and find the best way to monetize your content

Weebly is a webhosting site that allows ordinary individuals to create blogs and monetize them. You will be in charge of monetizing your site.

If you like to use this free webhosting, you can create a blog using Wix tools and monetize when you are ready.

Create your account with Blogger. The part about is, you can use your Google information, since Google owns the company.


Listverse is writing site that works a little differently, you will write detailed paragraphs, but the article will be formatted in a list. If your content is really good, you will be paid $100.

Residual Writing
Participate in this residual writing site and keep the rights to your work. If you can write a minimum of 400 words per article, Wizzley maybe you the work from home opportunity for you. Users must participate in one of the Wizzley's partners programs, a few are, Google Adsense, Chitika, and Allposters.

Wikinut is a residual writing site that is popular in the U.K., but writers from other countries are welcomed. Wikinut is not a site that pays well, but you can earn some good pocket money from your writing. The site pays in pounds so international writers will have to translate their earnings into their native currency.

Examiner.com is a Denver, Colorado based company launched in 2008. The residual writing site has 20 million readers on a monthly basis. Writers choose there own topics and many write about events that are happening in there town. Like any other type of writing sites your earnings will depend on your pageviews, however, I could not find a payrate on the website.

Triond is one of  the oldest writing sites on the internet. Users write articles and they are reviewed by a editor for quality assurance. After your work is accepted, it will be publish on the one of the sites that the company owns; the site chosen will be the site that fit your article subject matter. Writers can earn decent money if their content is good enough, they will earn 50% of the money their articles receive. Payments are made on the 15th of each month via PayPal, check, or Western Union.

Write2Earn.org- (No longer in Service)
Write2Earn is a new residual writing site. Writers can write about anything they want to. Users must pay a one time registration fee of one dollar. Payments are made via PayPal.

Thoughtz Factory is a residual writing site that is similar to most. Users can auto-publish and begin earing in a matter or minutes. Payments can be redeemed when users reach $25.

Chillkey is a social platform that allows user to earn residual income from their post. If you are a Western member, you will have to rely on Western Union to get paid.

Content Mill Writing 

Quality Gal
Quality Gal is a high paying content mill on the internet. Like many other writing sites, Quality Gal, require a writing sample as well. According to their website, Quality Gal, pay $15 per article. However, I have read that  the site pays up to $50 per article. This site is open to U.S. citizens only. When using this site users are required to submit a W-9 tax form and their photo I.D. via email when they register. Quality Gal pays via PayPal and Check every Friday.

Instant Shift
Instant Shift is a site dedicated to programming and design. Writers do not have to have experience writing, you just have to have a passion writing. Instant Shift wants require writers to specifically say they want to be paid. Last but not least, writers must tell the site their name, website address (If applicable), bio, and gravatar.

Get paid to write articles and follow clients orders.

Writing Reviews 

Review Me is a good way for bloggers to monetize their blogs. User will register their blogs and advertisers will decide would blog would be a good fit for them. Users are paid several ways. Users can request a paper check for $25, request a $20 ReviewMe Prepaid Master Cards, and PayPal. There is no payoff amount requirement for PayPal.

Sponsored Reviews
Write blog post that interest advertisers. Users will earn money by selling their blog posts. Writer worked will be reviewed by a Sponsored Reviews employee for quality assurance. The best part about this site is you can monetize your blog and earn extra cash that way. Based on the information on the site they do not accept any blog, click the link above and scroll down  to the What are the requirement for my blog to be approved? for more information.

Upfront Payment 

If you can create code, web design, web development, and creating apps, games or logo, you can make good money with the site.

Reverb Press
Reverb Press is  a news/lifestyle website that accept post in the following areas: News, Politics, Justice, Business, World, Entertainment and more categories.

Grasslimb is a site that poets and fiction writers will love. The site also pay users to write music and book reviews, cartoons, artwork, and prose.

Writers Weekly
WritersWeekly.com is a site dedicated to freelancing. If you can get your articles published there you can earn $60 per post. Articles must be 600 words.

Rock Solid Finance
If you like writing about finance, this blog will pay you $50 for each accepted post.

Strong Whispers
Strong Whispers is a site that accepts several topics. Strong Whispers pays $50 per post.

Listiller is a freelance writing site that pays upfront payments. The site accepts videos, list, and short post. The site pays 50% of their ad revenue to their users. Short post may be followed by an external link. The site will post assignments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The site pays $7 for list and $1 for videos.

College Humor
If you can generate funny articles, College humor maybe the site for you.

Strong Whispers
Earn between $50-$100 a article on Strong Whispers

If you know a thing or two about computers, WorldStart maybe interested in publishing your articles. Writers can get $25-$50 a post.

If you can write articles about the apps on your mobile devices, you can earn yourself $60 per post.

Get paid to write articles about web design and development and related topics.

International Living
If you like to travel, why not get paid for it. International Living will pay for your travel post.

Alaska Parent
If you have good parenting tips, you can earn $40-$200 per post

Outsourcing Sites

Sell your services to buyers looking to have work done on this site.

This outsourcing site runs like any other freelancing site, but freelancers are required to pay a monthly fee for using the site.

Get A Coder
If you like doing programming and other technical work, sign up for this outsourcing site.

This site is open to freelancers from in a variety of feilds. If you like freelancing, visit this site.

This site has an affordable approach for people that need freelance work done. Jobs can be completed for as little as $30 and upward to $200

Get paid to work in a variety of fills, you can also work in teams.

If you would like to work as a virtual assistant, give Zirtual a try.

Time Etc
If you would like another option for virtual assistant work, Time Etc may work for you.

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