Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Combination Post 4

Photo Credit Pixabay

Since I have been doing the combination post, I have seen a increase in traffic to the pages on the site. With that being said. I am going to do another one. Here are a few earning sites from the blog.

1. Chatabout
Chatabout is a get paid to site, or gpt site/paid to chat site. Users can get paid to chat and participate in offers on the sites bonus page. The site pays via PayPal for cash redemptions and Amazon gift cards. The lowest redemption option is 500 points for $5. Read more here, http://makingextradollars.blogspot.com/2016/01/earn-with-chatabout.html.

2. IQ
IQ is site where users will get paid to answer question via text messages. Most of the sites clients offer questions with a price of .25 thru .50. Users can also donate their earnings to charity. Read more here, http://makingextradollars.blogspot.com/2016/05/earn-money-on-iq.html

3. Miscellaneous Page
Nielsen Mobile Panel
iPhone owners could earn up to $50 a year, by giving this company access to your cellphone data.

Fetch! Pet Care
If you like dog sitting, apply to be apart of the Fetch! Pet Care team.

4. Writing & Outsourcing
Alaska Parent Will pay you $40-$200 for parenting tips.
Appstorm will pay you $60 for articles about apps.
Articles will have to be approved before getting paid

Feel free to browse the blog for more earning opportunities.


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