Thursday, January 7, 2016

Earn with Chatabout

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Chatabout is a site that pays you to be social. Users get paid to comment on various sections of the site. Chatabout users earn points that can be redeemed for cash and prizes. Below are a list of ways you earn point on the site.

Creating A Topic
Creating a topic will earn you five points. When you create your topic you must make it fifty words and must include a picture or YouTube link.

Responding to Topics
Responding to topics will earn you one point, be prepared to write 20 words. Some topics are about food and some are more controversial such as abortion, drug legalization, and prostitution.

Viral Section
The viral section gives one points for every response to your give to the topics in this area. Post will be related to videos and pictures that are typically accompanied by articles. You maybe responding to an article that is related to the news or current events.

Bonus Area
The bonus area allow you to earn point for doing a variety of activities, you are rewarded if you write a blog post about Chatabout, redeem coupons, and participate with Character's partner sites where you maybe watching videos and or doing surveys.

In closing, Chatabout will not earn you a fulltime income but it will work well for some wanting to earn pocket change. You are required to be 18 and have a PayPal account for cash redemptions.


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