Thursday, June 30, 2016

More Earning Apps

Photo Credit Pixabay
It is safe to say that many of you own smartphones. If you want to earn some extra cash from your smartphone, you can. This post will introduce you to a few earning apps that you can try with the hopes of earning a few extra bucks per months.
If you like getting paid to be on social media, Rabadaba will be good for you. Like Facebook, this earning app allows users to get paid for post the following things: photo, video, text, and audio. User are rewarded in points that are converted to PayPal payments. Users can set their payment amount.                                                                                       
If you like earning money and other rewards, you can do this with Casho. A few ways you can earn cash payments or other rewards on Casho are giving your opinion, watching videos, and taking surveys.  
Panel App-Prizes & Rewards
Panel App pays uses in the form of gift cards for completing surveys, adding your social media accounts, and convincing your friends to join the app. A few prizes you can win are Amazon Gift Cards, VISA and MasterCard Cash Cards, and Starbucks Gift Cards.
This app is similar to EBay. If you like selling unwanted things, or have business idea and want to sell your products via your cellphone, why not consider OfferUp. According to the app’s description, you can post your items for sale in 30 seconds.
Close5: Buy & Sell
Like OfferUp, Close5 allows users to sell items from your smartphone. However, this earning app has a twist, allowing you to buy and sell things with the people in your area. This could be good for some. Making Extra Dollars recommend that you never meet with a buyer or seller alone. You should also meet during the day time, at a populated place, like the public library for example.
Snapsale- Buy & Sell
Snapsale is another item that allows users to sell items. Sellers are responsible for arranging a payment plan with the buyer of the items.
This app sounds familiar to Foap. If you are familiar with Foap, you know that you can earn money selling your photos there. Like Foap, Markedshot allows users to take photos via their smartphone and sell them to businesses. Payments are handled with PayPal.


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