Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Creating Multiple Sources of Income is Important

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In today's economy, it is safe to say, multiple streams of income are important to have. Having multiple streams of income is important because you will have a backup plan if one source of income does not workout. Below, you will find other reasons why you should have multiple streams of income.

1. Financial Freedom
Creating financial freedom is something many people would like to do. By creating multiple streams of income, you can possibly have the financial freedom you want in the future.

2. You Could Lose Your Job
A supervisor could come to your office and give you the I am sorry, but we can no longer afford to pay your salary speech and their is nothing you can do about it. If you make some investments, there is a chance you will be okay if your other sources of income are profitable.

3.You Can do it Online
With the internet, you can create multiple sources of income online. Multiple income seekers, can create online stores, blog and other forms of freelance writing, and do many other things to earn money online.

In closing, it is best to research a industry before you spend the time and create a source of income in that feild.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Places to Receive your Upfront Payment Original Content

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Receiving upfront payments for articles is a popular way to earn money online. If you would like to earn upfront payments from your articles, learn about the two sites listed below.

The Daily Heckle
The Daily Heckle is a site located in United Kingdom. The site requires writers to submit a 300 word writing sample. In addition, the site seems to accept most topics, so writers are not limited on topics to write about. Furthemore, writers are required to submit their social media pages as well. The sites pays betweens 5.00 pounds and 20 pounds per articles

Everyday Windshield
Everyday Windshield is a site that is dedicated to the family, fun, fashion, and travelling. Writers can make some extra money writing about family traditons, women's issues, homemade recipes and travelling with children. The site pays $10 for the first post, $25 for post 2-5, and $50 for all future post.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

College Students Should Freelacne

Nowadays, college students face the daunting task of looking for a job in a global job market. With that being said, competition in the job market is really tough and many students are sitting on their degrees. I am convinced that if college students freelanced they would be better off in the future. Below are reasons why college students should freelance.
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1.       Paid Experience
Graduating from college with paid experience in your field is a good thing. In addition to internships, graduates will have an outstanding resume if they were successful at freelancing while in college.

2.       Portfolio
Having a portfolio is a something every graduate should do. Freelancing can provide you with a portfolio when you begin searching for jobs after graduation. This will work well for students who are not required to have an internship.
3.       Extra Money
Freelancing could be a way to keep money in your pocket during your college years. In addition, college student can continue freelancing after college. Freelancing can come in handy if you do not have a job lined up after graduate. It beats sitting on your parents couch doing nothing all day.
4.       Narrow Down Your Choices
 Last but not least, freelancing allows students to discover what they want to do in their field. For example, if you are in the communications field, you can try freelance writing and photography.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Is Freelancing Easy?

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If you thinking about freelancing as a career choice, you may be wondering if freelancing is easy. To answer your question, freelancing can be easy and it can be difficult. If you are confused, keep reading, I will give examples below.

As mentioned above, freelancing can be easy. If you would like to have a successful freelancing career, you must be motivated, have a good work ethic, and have the ability to adapt like in any profession. If you are not following a regular routine, freelancing may not be an easy profession for you. When I started out, I was not as disciplined as I am now. I would make careless errors and did not have the discipline I need to be a freelancer. It took me a long time to develop the skills that I need to become a freelancer.

Like any other profession, freelancing can be difficult for some as well. In the section above, I gave a brief summary about how my freelancing career began. Based off that brief summary my beginning was not an easy one. I had to learn many skills and change my mindset.

In closing, freelancing can be easy or complicated. It is up to the freelancer to decide how their freelancing career will turn out. This will be determined how you start your career. I hope you are a successful freelancer.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

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Working from home comes with it own set of pros and cons. If working from home is something that you like to do, this blog post will be a good guide for you.

1. Create your Own Hours
One of the biggest perks in regards to being your own boss, is setting your own hours. With that being said, freelancers can begin their workday at anytime of the day. If you want to begin working at noon, you can.

2. Working from Home
Working from home is another perk of being a freelancer. If you like work in your pajamas or sweatpants and a tee-shirt, you can do that.

3. No Office Politics
When you work in a office setting, many people often play the game of office politics. This means playing nice to the boss so you can get promotions, and having to do things you may not want to do to succeed while at work. If you choose to freelance, there will be no office politics, because you will be the boss.
1. You Decide your Income
When you choose to work from home, you are the person responsible for deciding your income. There is no boss that is responsible for your schedule. Freelancers must do quality work so clients can come back and requesting more assignments to be completed.
2. You have to be Motivated
Working from home is not as glamourous as it seems. With no co-workers, you have to focus on your work and avoid distractions that could get in the way of your freelancing.
3. You have to Pay your Own Taxes
Individuals that work for a company, have taxes taken out of their earning everyweek. If you choose to freelance, you will have to set aside the money to pay the government if you. Some freelancing site require freelancers to submit the proper tax forms you recieve your first payment.




Friday, October 9, 2015

Tips for Blogging Success

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Blogging is a popular way to earn money. With  that being said, bloggers can earn full-time income, part-time income, or earn pocket money. As a blogger, I have made many mistakes. Hopefully, mistakes that you can learn from. Below are a few tips that will help you before you begin your blogging journey.

1. Blog Regularly
If you blog regularly, there is a possibility that your search engine traffic will increase. I would highly recommed, creating a schedule for your blog so you can post regularly and get the search engine traffic you want.

2. Edit Articles
This tips piggybacks off of the first tip. In addition, to posting regularly, your content must be quality content. To make sure your content is presentable for your audience, you can use online proofreading software, Grammarly and PaperRater are two popular proofreading sites on the internet.

3. Add Pictures
If you want to make your blog stand-out, you can add pictures. With that being said, you can use Pixabay and other free online sources to get pictures for your blog. When using sites like Pixabay it is best to give Pixabay a photo credit.

4. Network
Interacting with other bloggers is a good ways to get your links clicked on. This can be done on sites like Reddit and other blog promotion sites.

5. Promote Your Content
Promoting your content is easy to do these days. With a plethora of social media sites, you can share a post in a matter of minutes. To make things better, the majority of social media sites are free.

In closing, blogging is not the easiest profression there is. Futhermore, your earnings maybe low when you first get started, but if you are have a good work ethic and create quality work, you may have a successful blog. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Freelance wtih FundsforWriters

FundsforWriters is another freelance writing site where writers can earn upfront payments for thier work. If you are a writer or would like to begin freelance writing, FundsforWriters may be a good site for you.
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How Does FundsforWriters Work?Many upfront payment sites requires a 1000+ word count, but FundsforWriters do not. On that note, writers are required to submit articles that are between 500 and 600. If your article is accepted, it will appear in the FundsforWriters newsletter. Articles have low word count because FundsforWriters would like to list more awards, contest, and other things to their readers.

How Much do Writers Earn? The sites have different two payment methods: PayPal and Check. If you would perfer PayPal writers will earn $50 for original articles and $15 dollars for reprints. If you choose to receive your funds via check, you will earn $45 for original content and $10 for reprints. Writers must inform the site if the work is duplicated of not.


Earn Upfront Payments with A List Apart

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If you are familiar with this site, you are aware that freelance writers can write articles for upfront payments. If you guessed that this blog post will be selling original content, you are correct. This blog post will highlight A List Apart.

How Does A List Apart Work?If you are familiar with Listverse, then you may be able to adapt to A List Apart. Like Listverse, A List Apart has a minimum of 1500 word count per article. If you plan to write for this upfront payment site, be prepared to make revisions to your article. With that being said, the site rarely accepts articles on the first try. With that being said, if the site likes your rough draft they will send your a email the revisions that you will have to make. In addition, writers can submits rough drafts and pitch articles with an outline as well. Lastly, A List Apart perfer that writers submit articles using Google Docs and you cannot submit duplicated content.

How Much do Writers Get Per Articles? If your article make the cut, you will be rewarded $200. With that being said, the amount work that the site requires is worth it. There was no information about what payment method (PayPal or Check) the site uses.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Become a Teacher on Skillshare

 Skillshare is a place where you can do that. Below is the basic information that about the site.
f you are an expert in a certian feild, why not put a price on your knowledge. If you would like to put a price tage on your knowledge.

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How does Skillshare Work?
If you plan to become a Teachers for Skillshare, your classes will be project-based, pre-recorded, self-paced. Users will record classes they are passionate about and post them for students to enroll them. In addition, Skillshare will give users tips on how to market their courses, engaging students, designing your course, and other information aboutthe starting your class.

How do Skillshare Pay?
Skillshare users are able to earn money one they have 25 or more students in thier classes. With that being said, once teachers meet the student requirement, he or she is placed in the Partner Program and earn 50% of the sites income that is earned from premium membership. In addition, teachers will get paid for recruiting new member to join Skillshare. To be specific, new users are paid $10 for every new member that is recruited via their teacher referral link. For more information, click the link listed above.

Write for Top Tenz

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Top Tenz is a online writing site. Unlike many other writing sites, this is not a residual writing site (this will be discussed in the section below). If you are interested in this writing site, keep reading.

How does Top Tenz Work?
Top Tenz is a site that hires staff writers, so when you submit a post to this site you will have a job. In addition, writers must write articles that are between 1500-2000 words, but there are exceptions about the word counts. Writers should write articles in English and follow the guidelines that Top Tenz have set. You can find the rules by clicking the link above.

How do Users Earn?
With the changes to Top Tenz, I cannot tell you who writers are getting paid. Before the change, writers were paid $50.00 per accepted post. I do not know if staff writers are paid $50.00 per post or if they are given a salary for writing for Top Tenz.

Earn Residual Income on Wizzley

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If you earn are interested in earning residual income, Wizzley is a residual writing site that may interest you. The site is a has a few differences than other residual writing sites on the internet. Below is a review of the residual writing site on the internet.

How does Wizzley Work?
Unlike most residual writing sites, Wizzley allow users to create a background, font style and allow users to create a table of contents for pages that are posted on the site. In addition, users are allowed to publish videos and post photos on their post. Futhermore, users keep the rights to their work.

In additions, users cannot post illegal or immoral content, articles that do not violate Wizzley copyrights, duplicated articles, minimal adversiting, and 400 word article. Last but not least, users are given a page rank and author rank.
How Do Users Earn?
Wizzley is a site that requires users to earn connect a monetization site that partners with there site. To be specific, users can connect the following accounts: Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program, Chitika, VigLink,,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Earn Money on Sports GPT

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It is safe to say that the internet is full of get paid to sites, with that being said, Sports GPT is another Gpt sites that allows users to earn money for doing a variety of tasks. Below, you will learn basic information about Sports GPT.

How Does Sports GPT work?
Like many other GPT sites, Sports GPT has multiple ways for users to earn money. The sites seems to be a new gpt site compared to the veterans get paid to sites in this field (Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Chatabout, etc...). Users are rewarded for taking surveys, printing coupons, entering sweepstakes, and trying new products. Lastly, the sites offer contest and special offers from client wanting a service done.

How does the site Pay?
Users have two ways to accept payments. One popular methods of receiving payments is PayPal: according to their website, PayPal redemptions are instant. Another method that Sports GPT use to issue payments is Amazon Gift Cards.

Countries that can Join Sports GPT
Only four countries can join Sports GPT. The four countries that can join are: Canada, the United States, Australia , and  the United Kingdom.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Is Blogging a Job?

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Many people have turned to blogging as a source of income. With that being said, Is blogging a job? In the sections below, you will discover why I think blogging is a job.

You Have to Work
Like any other profession, blogging required time. To be specific, bloggers must be choose their hosting site, promote their content, and monetize their own content. Blogging is no easy at all.

You Earn a Living
Many bloggers monetize their content and earn money from their blog. With that being said, most bloggers earn money from their content. If you earn a living from you earn a part-time and/or full-time living from your blog, you have a job.

You Have to Pay Taxes
If you are a U.S. citizens you are required to pay self-employment taxes if you make more then $600 in one calendar year. With that being said, you can consider blogging a job if you have earned the required amount to pay taxes.

In closing, blogging can be what you want it to be. It is up to the blogger to decide if they will treat blogging like a full-time job, part-time job, or a side hustle.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Monetizing Your Content with

Photo Credit Pixabay is a link shortener that has been around since 2013. In addition, compared to other link shorteners, is the new kid on the block, however the new link shortener has several ways uses can earn money by simply monetizing their website.

What are Link Shorteners?

Link Shorteners are earning sites that allows users to monetize their website or individual links. An advertisement will be shown when a reader clicks on the link and the user will be compensated for that click.

Ways to Earn on has several ways users can earn money. A list of ways users can earn money on

Website Monetization There are three ways users can go about monetizing full page scripts, entry scripts, and exits scripts. Users can incorporate all three things components in one scripts. Users are required to place their javascript before the tag.

  • Full Page Scripts- Full page scripts allows users to earn money when a reader clicks a link in their blog.
  • Entry Scripts- Entry scripts allows users to earn money when someone enters your blog.
  • Exit Scripts- First and foremost, the exit scripts is a feature that many other link shorteners do not have. users will earn money when someone presses the back bottom on your blog.

    Quick Link
    Quick link is a good way to monetize your blog with users can will put before the site you would people to visit. For example if you would llike people to visit Google's website, you will visit format the link like this,

    Social Shares This is another way users can earn money on their blog. users can add the link shorteners social share bottoms on thier blog and earn money everytime someone shares a post. The social shares will feature an advertisement before the original content as well.

    Twitterfeed If you would like to sync your links to Twitterfeed, you can do that with as well. The directions to the setting up your Twitterfeed is located in the following link,

    Mass Links
    The mass link feature allows users to shorten 20 links at one time. Users can get banned for misusing this feature, it is best to shorten links that you will use.

    Wordpress Plugins
    If your hosting site is Wordpress, you can easily monetize your blog using this plugin. To get started with this feature, you must download the pulgin first and then login into their Wordpress account and follow Wordpress instructions. I would suggest Googling the process of setting up the plugin.
    Last, but not least, users can earn money with the api feature. If you interested in using this feature on, users can click the following link

    Lets Talk about Pay have two payment options, users can recieve payment at PayPal ($5) and Payoneer ($20).



    Sell your Original Content on Article Sale

    If you are a experienced freelance writer, you are aware of the selling original content online. If this is something that you would like to do, Article Sale is a site that can help you out in regards to selling original content.
    What is Article Sale?
    Photo Credit Pixabay
    Article Sale is a online marketplace where freelance writers and website owners can sale and buy original content. When registering for the site, you are required to use your email associated with your PayPal account or you will not get paid.
    How does Article Sale Work?
    Unlike many of other sites that allow you to sell articles, Article Sale does not require the writer to submit a writing sample, or have your articles approved by the sites administrators before posting in to their marketplace. In addition. users set their own for their work. Lastly, articles must be written in English.
    Lets Talk about Pay
    Like many other earning sites, Article Sale pays users via PayPal as well. It seem that payments are made as soon as buyers purchase your content.
    In closing, Article Sale is just the place where writers and buyers meet to sell and purchase articles. If a buyer is unhappy with his or her purchase, the writer will be required to refund the buyer his or her money.