Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Earn Upfront Payments with A List Apart

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If you are familiar with this site, you are aware that freelance writers can write articles for upfront payments. If you guessed that this blog post will be selling original content, you are correct. This blog post will highlight A List Apart.

How Does A List Apart Work?If you are familiar with Listverse, then you may be able to adapt to A List Apart. Like Listverse, A List Apart has a minimum of 1500 word count per article. If you plan to write for this upfront payment site, be prepared to make revisions to your article. With that being said, the site rarely accepts articles on the first try. With that being said, if the site likes your rough draft they will send your a email the revisions that you will have to make. In addition, writers can submits rough drafts and pitch articles with an outline as well. Lastly, A List Apart perfer that writers submit articles using Google Docs and you cannot submit duplicated content.

How Much do Writers Get Per Articles? If your article make the cut, you will be rewarded $200. With that being said, the amount work that the site requires is worth it. There was no information about what payment method (PayPal or Check) the site uses.

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