Monday, October 5, 2015

Write for Top Tenz

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Top Tenz is a online writing site. Unlike many other writing sites, this is not a residual writing site (this will be discussed in the section below). If you are interested in this writing site, keep reading.

How does Top Tenz Work?
Top Tenz is a site that hires staff writers, so when you submit a post to this site you will have a job. In addition, writers must write articles that are between 1500-2000 words, but there are exceptions about the word counts. Writers should write articles in English and follow the guidelines that Top Tenz have set. You can find the rules by clicking the link above.

How do Users Earn?
With the changes to Top Tenz, I cannot tell you who writers are getting paid. Before the change, writers were paid $50.00 per accepted post. I do not know if staff writers are paid $50.00 per post or if they are given a salary for writing for Top Tenz.

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