Paid Social Media Sites/Monetizing Social Media

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Mylot is an Chatabout alternative that pays it member to chat on different topics. The site allows members to create different post and members chime in. Users can also do offers as well. Member are paid via PayPal.
Whzon is a social media site that pays members to be social. Users can submit pictures, write blog post, and have a just chatting. Users can also send private messages, make friends, and respond to national and global events.Whzon pay their members in gold. Users are not paid in real gold, however, the gold is similar to a virtual currency. User can redeem their cash reward when they earn 1,000 gold.

Mylikes is one of the leading social media monetization services around. Users must have a social media account that they want to monetize. Then users will place ads on their social media accounts and earn from the amount of activity the ad receives. The social media monetization service pays via PayPal.

Wingsplay allow users to share videos to social media. The company hand picks the videos that users can share on social media. Users will be paid a per click. Wingsplay will provide you  with the number of clicks that you will receive. Videos can be posted to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter.  pays users to share content, share photos, personal views, videos, play games and win contest. Users will also earn money for referrals. The site pays via PayPal; users can request payment when their account balance reach $1.

Likes allows users to create a gallery and get paid when people share your content. Click the link and see how you can earn money.

If you have a Twitter account, RevTwt allows it users to tweet CPC (cost per click) and CPT (cost per tweet per thousand followers). The sites pays via PayPal ($20) and Check ($100).

Ad Dynamo
Ad Dynamo is a South African based site that has a reputation for making fast payment.

Turn your Twitter followers to into some serious pocket money. According to Magpie's website, Tweeters with a 1000 plus followers can earn $200 a month. Payments can be reached once users earn $50.

In order to monetize your Twitter account with TwitPub, you will have to set your account to private.

Trade Bitcoins in for PayPal payments with this site.


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