Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blog Monetization Tips

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Monetizing a blog is something many bloggers do. If you plan to turn your content into cash, things may not turnout the way, you want them to. Below are a few tips for monetizing a blog.

It is safe to say, that each blogger will not have the same results with the same monetization sites. One blogger may cash in with a link shortener (Linkbucks) and another blogger may have success on a CPA (Google AdSense).

Do your Homework
Before, you choose a blog monetization site, make sure you do your homework. Learn about a plethora of blog monetization. This will help you learn more information about the blogging industry.

Build an Audience
Any blogger will tell you, you must have a decent audience to make some real money blogging. This can be done by posting regularly and interacting on promotion sites.

You cannot Predict your Success
Last but not leastl, it is best to do the work and not worry about the earnings. The earnings are important, but it is more important to have an audience and quality content, so you can earn money from your content.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Should Bubblews Pay Members Back Pay?

Bubblew was a popular residual writing site that many writers used to make money online. Like many other residual writers, I created a Bubblews account and begin posting. Another similarity that I share with other writers, is the money that I was never paid from Bubblews. Before the site closed down, "Should Bubblews Pay Members Back Pay?"

My History With Bubblews?
Bubblews was never a fulltime earning site for me. It is safe to say that the site was a pocket change site for me. I created my account in 2014 and created every now and then. I eventually earned my first payment in August of 2014. Like other members on the site, I had to email them to get that payment. I managed to request my second redemption in month (give or take a few days). I waited 30 days and got nothing, even after emailing them. I abandon the site and returned a few months later. Once I returned (still posting every now and then), I noticed my balance was $40, $10 away from redeeming. After returning to the site, and posting a few more articles, I managed to make a dollar. After some time, I decided to pay the site a visit, just to find out they had shut down. This is when I thought of my current question, "Should Bubblews Pay Members Back Pay?"

Pay or not to Pay
In regards to this situation, I would like to get my money. $41 may not be much to some, but I could use the money I earned. I created and marketed each post and I would like to be paid for them. I do expect to the money from Bubblews, but this was just my opinion.

In closing, do not be afraid to chime in. Do you have a history with Bubblews?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ways to Earn Money Without the Internet

Many of the post featured on this blog are about earning money online, today's post will feature traditional ways of making money. They will be featured below.

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If you are good with kids, why not become a babysitter. This way of making money is typically done by a teenager, but adults can do it as well. I say advertise your services and begin earning money. There are several websites that will allow professional babysitters to create an account to advertise their services. Angie's List is a good place to start

Pet Sitting/Dog Walkers
With everyone having busy schedules nowadays, pet sitting/dog walking is a job that people can do. Pet sitters, normally take their clients pets to a dog park and let them play. You could probably list your services on Craiglist.

Yard Work
During the spring and summer months, many teenagers and lawn maintence companies are busy cutting grass. This could be a good way to earn money if you are a teenager on summer break, or if you are an adult, and want to start a lawn service company.

House Work
Not to many people would like to do this job, but some people would. If you are willing to clean houses to earn money, you can adveritise your services and begin earning money as a housekeeper.

Newspaper Routes
This is another job that teenager do, however, some newpaper companies hire adults to throw newspapers as well. If your local newspaper hires adult, and you need the cash, feel free to call inquire about become a newspaper thrower.



Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Earning Sites for Teenagers

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When I was a teenager, earning money was one thing that I worried about. If you are looking to earn some pocket money for the movies and hanging out with friends. The earning sites mentioned in this blog post will not make you rich, but you can earn some change every now and then.

Swagbucks is one of the few sites for teenagers can use to earn money. Like, Earning Station, Swagbucks is a Gpt site. Teenagers can earn money watching videos, taking surveys, performing online searches, and playing games online. Users are paid in a virtual currency that can be redeemed for cash and prizes.

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a popular survey site that allows users to earn money. Like many of the other sites on this list, users are rewarded in points per survey that can be redeemed for a cash payment.

My View
If you are 14 year old, you can create an account with My View and begin earning points toward a payment. Teenagers can convert points to cash payments or Amazon gift cards.


MintVine is another opportunities for teenagers to earn some money online. With a parents permission, teenagers can earn their pocket money and start going to movies more often.

In closing, it is best that parents be aware that their children are earning money online. Parents should also check the sites out and make sure they child is apart of a legitimate site.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Benefits of Running a Blog/Website

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If you own a blog and/or website, you are aware of the benefits that come along with creating a website/blog. They are listed below.


You get to be Creative
As a blogger, I love the fact that I created something for people to read. In addition, I decide the way the content will be written, and how many articles I can do a day.

You Can Earn Money
If you like to turn your blog into a source of income, you can. If you can wait until you build a decent audience, earning money from your website is an option.

It is Residual Income
This is the best part of earning money from your blog. With that being said, bloggers and website owners, earn money off each article. Thats right, you can earn money for writing an article just once.

You  are Sharing Your Knowledge
Bloggers and websites owners are sharing what they know about a particular their particular niche. Aftetr someone reads your blog, they leave learning something knew.

It is easy to do.
Setting up a blog is not difficult. Webhosting sites, such as Blogger, Wordpress, and Wix, make creating a website easy.
You are your Own Boss
Bloggers are self-employed. That means, bloggers have the ability to create their own work schedule. I am sure most of you will love this perk.

In closing, blogger/website owners have a lot of benefits, however, there are few negatives as well, but the benefits always outweigh the negatives.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Were Pay Per View Writing Sites a Fad?

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Every industry goes through a change, and freelance writing is no exception. As we all know, the pay per view model took the internet by storm. Many people earmed money on sites like Bubblews and Daily Two Cents. However, "Were these sites a fad?"

Were They a Fad?
In my opinion, these sites were a fads. I came to this conclusion, after judging the in this particular niche.


Popular Pay Per View  Sites

·         Bubblews
      ·         Daily Two Cents
      ·         Babblelife
      ·         Post Any Article
      ·         Persona Paper


Why Were These Sites Fads?
Many do not Exist Anymore
Many of the pay per view, freelance writing sites, that dominated the freelance writing scene do not exist. I was a member of a few pay per view, freelance writing sites myself. Bubblews and Babblelife, the most popular, has shut down. Daily Two Cents, is now requires and Google AdSense account; users can use other affiliate programs as well.
What Caused these Sites to Fail?
Due to prior experience, there are number of reason for these sites to fail. First, there could be more money being paid to members, compared to the site making money. Secondly, sites some sites had high payrates and could keep up the payments made to members.

In closing, many writers loved the pay per view model, however, these particular freelance writing sites were good for the writer, but bad for site owners.

Is Wikinut Worth it?

Wikinut is a popular, residual writing site. The site allows member to earn extra money with their content, but the question to answer is, "Is Wikinut Worth It?" If you ask me, I will say, yes and no.

Why Wikinut is Worth It
Wikinut is worth it because you can republish your content. If you are a member of another residual writing site, and can republish your content, Wikinut might be a earning site that works out for you. With that being said, Wikinut is a good place to double dip and earn money for doing something, you already done. Wikinut also uses PayPal as their payment processor, and most members, probably prefer PayPal.

Why Wikinut Maybe a Turnoff
Wikinut my not be appealing because of the pay. According to the another author on the site, writer recieve, 0.0001 GDP for every 10 pageviews. It is safe to say that Wikinut will be a slow earning site for you, unless, you have a huge social media following.
In closing, Wikinut is not a bad site, especially if you want to republish. However, if you are interested in earning money quickly, Wikinut, and residual writing may not work well for you.

Residual Writing is my Choice

As human beings, we try different things, and those things do not always work us. I had that experience with content mill writing. With that being said, residual writing is my choice.

Reasons I like Residual Writing
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I am in Control
If you are a content mill writer, you have to deal with instructions from the clients. In addition, you have to be fast, a client does not want to wait forever for you to complete an assignment. With residual writing, I can do articles the way I want them, and when I want to.

No Proving Myself
Unlike content mill writing, bloggers do not have to prove themselves, in most cases. If you create your own website, you do not have to submit a writing sample and/or take quiz.
You Earn More
Writing for a content mill, you will not make as much per article. Over the course of a few years, writers will make more per article, due to residual income.

The opposite of content mill writing, residual writers do not have to be fast. If it take you 1 hour to write an article, you will not recieve an type of negative review or consequences for not having the assignment done on time.

In closing, residual writing (blogging) is a not a way to make money quickly. However, if you are willing take the time to do the ground work, you can have a successful career as a residual writer.

The Pros and Cons of Content Mills

What are Content Mills?
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Simply stated, content mills are the fastfood or freelance writing. With that being said, writers have to be fast and their is no room for error.

Popular Content Mills
Writers Domain
London Brokers
The Content Authority

Good for Beginners
If you are starting out as a freelancer, nine times out of ten, you are going write  for a content mill. Beginners get a chance to establish themselves in the freelancing world, and most importantly, start their careers.

 Quick Cash
If you are looking for a source of quick cash, content mills is a great place to earn the extra money. With that being said, users can earn some quick using their writing skills.

If you like working for yourself, you will fit in at a content mill. To be precise, you will be a self-employed, freelance writer.

Good for College Students
Many college students face economic hardship. If you would like to earn some survival money, writing for a content mill may be a option for you. In addition, to earning survival money, this would be a good opportunity for english and journalism students that aspire to be journalist for magazines and newspapers.

Good for Unemployed
If you are unemployed, content mill could work as a means to an end for you.

You have to Prove Yourself
This is not neccesarily a bad thing, but it become aggravating. Most sites make you prove yourself in the form of a writing sample and /or quiz.

If you are going to work online, there is a chance that you are going to be scammed. I have heard of two sites that are known to scam writers.
Payrate could Change
Content mills are known to have a editing and ranking system in place to evaluate the quality of the content you are giving clients. If you are displaying low quality work, you will be given low level work, which mean your rank will be lowered.

 Fastfood of Freelance Writing
As mention aboved, content mill writing is the fastfood of freelance writing. I have read storys where content mill writers are claim to research, write, and edit an article in 30 minutes.

Getting Underpaid
In all actuality, content mill writers may make less than journalists for magazines and newspapers.
I hope this post was a big help to you. It is best to experience writing for a content mill and see if you like this type of work.