Monday, December 14, 2015

Is Wikinut Worth it?

Wikinut is a popular, residual writing site. The site allows member to earn extra money with their content, but the question to answer is, "Is Wikinut Worth It?" If you ask me, I will say, yes and no.

Why Wikinut is Worth It
Wikinut is worth it because you can republish your content. If you are a member of another residual writing site, and can republish your content, Wikinut might be a earning site that works out for you. With that being said, Wikinut is a good place to double dip and earn money for doing something, you already done. Wikinut also uses PayPal as their payment processor, and most members, probably prefer PayPal.

Why Wikinut Maybe a Turnoff
Wikinut my not be appealing because of the pay. According to the another author on the site, writer recieve, 0.0001 GDP for every 10 pageviews. It is safe to say that Wikinut will be a slow earning site for you, unless, you have a huge social media following.
In closing, Wikinut is not a bad site, especially if you want to republish. However, if you are interested in earning money quickly, Wikinut, and residual writing may not work well for you.


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