Monday, December 14, 2015

Residual Writing is my Choice

As human beings, we try different things, and those things do not always work us. I had that experience with content mill writing. With that being said, residual writing is my choice.

Reasons I like Residual Writing
Photo Credit Myself
I am in Control
If you are a content mill writer, you have to deal with instructions from the clients. In addition, you have to be fast, a client does not want to wait forever for you to complete an assignment. With residual writing, I can do articles the way I want them, and when I want to.

No Proving Myself
Unlike content mill writing, bloggers do not have to prove themselves, in most cases. If you create your own website, you do not have to submit a writing sample and/or take quiz.
You Earn More
Writing for a content mill, you will not make as much per article. Over the course of a few years, writers will make more per article, due to residual income.

The opposite of content mill writing, residual writers do not have to be fast. If it take you 1 hour to write an article, you will not recieve an type of negative review or consequences for not having the assignment done on time.

In closing, residual writing (blogging) is a not a way to make money quickly. However, if you are willing take the time to do the ground work, you can have a successful career as a residual writer.


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