Apps that Pay

There are many apps that will pay you to use them. With that being said
said, this page will feature apps that pay. Visit the Google Play Store or the App Store for more information about these apps.

Survey on the Go
If you would like to earn money via surveys while on the go, you can earn $.25-$5 per survey.

If you like get paid to lose weight, this app will be the perfect app for you. You will win money if you lose weight.

Healthy Wage
If you need another option  for getting paid to lose weight, Healthy Wage allows you to earn money if you lose weight.

Hiq (High-q) Lockscreen
Get paid to unlock your cellphone. Instead of adds appearing in front of your cellphone screen, you will get rewarded for answering questions. Users can skip questions and use the app features to set the app to their liking.

Cellphones are very popular. If your are one of the individual that own a smartphone you can make some pocket change off your cell phone. Why not, you have to pay the cellphone bill every month. If you like what you are reading, Adme maybe the perfect app for you.

Adme is a lockscreen app. If you are familiar with Perk, you know that you will receive a monetary reward for unlocking your cellphone. The app description does not include the payment system, however, it does mention the payment processor, PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google, the popular internet conglomerate has a program that reward users for giving their opinions by taking short surveys. Users will not be rewarded with cash payments, but they will rewarded with Google Play Credits, that will allow them to purchase item in the popular play store.

If you would like to earn money using your cellphone, you can earn some pocket change with Slidejoy. The minimal payment requirement is $2, and payments are made via PayPal.

Uento pay users to download apps. The Uento pays users in points that can be redeemed for cash and prizes. Last but not least, users will earn even more when they invite their friends.

Coinbase allows users to buy, sell, or accept Bitcoins.

Sell your unwanted stuff in your house with the Letgo app.

QuickCash is a easy way to earn money online. If you are good at recruiting your friends to download apps, you can earn money from using QuickCash.

Earn points for watching commercials.

Photography can submit photos to sell and take part in challenges.

Photos can take in a wide variety of genres and post them for sell.

If you would like to respond to a brand seeking a photo, join Pictive.

Coin Pouch
Get paid to download new apps, play games, watch videos, and more.

Watch & Earn
Earn money watching video

Pay for Selfie
Take a selfie and get paid for it. You maybe required to a selfie in the grocery store or another place.

Ibotta will pay you to shop at the grocery store.

Get paid to watch videos and scan barcodes.

Get paid to take pictures and share your opinion.

The Google Play Store of App Store is full of lockscreen apps. Users will get paid points with this site. Your first redemption requires 150 points. Any remdemption afterward requires 100 points.

If you like Ibotta, Receipt Pal, maybe a site that you like as well. Users will get paid for taking photos of their receipts.

Cash Apps
If you like getting paid to download apps, Cash Apps, will pay you to download and play games

Check Points
Check Points is similar to Receipt Pal. If you like to earn money by scanning your receipt from the grocery store, download this app today.

Perk Scratch & Win
Perk is a popular company in the gpt/apps that pay space. Perk, now offes there users to earn money to play their newest app, Scratch & Win.

Cash Gift
Earn money watching ads and downloading apps.

Penny Slot Machine

Users earn money spinning a slot machine and get ads. I am going to assume the number from the spin determines that amount of ads you get.

Cash App
Users will make money downloading and playing games.

Daily Money
Earn money for watching videos, installing apps, referrals and more.

Earn money for selling photos.

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  1. Rabadaba is new app that now pays. It is very similar to Instagram in a way. The user can post pictures or text or video or even audio and people can leave you dabs for it. You can cashout to PayPal once you reach 100,000 dabs.