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Thanks for clicking on the link to the miscellaneous page. This page will feature a variety of sites that do not fit into the other categories on the site.

Getting Paid to Search

If you like getting paid to search, you can earn instant payments when you for doing searching.

Online Site

Craiglist is a popular online site that has several catergories in their job section. If you like writing and editing for a living, you can browse the section and find a way to earn with the opportunities listed in that section.

Design an Online Course

If you would like to teach an online course and earn money for your knowledge, go to Udemy and learn the requirements to design your test.

Online Stores

Pixmania PIXPlace
If you are looking for a Ebay or Amazon alternative, Pixmania PIXPlace maybe the best option for you. The seems be a British site, so make sure you do your homework before creating a sellers account.

GumTree is another Ebay/Amazon alternative. However, GumTree  is considered a online classified site for online sellers. The site has been proven to increase online profits.

Sports Betting

If you have a knack of choosing the winning team, you could try you luck on FanDuel.

Pet Sitting

Fetch! Pet Care
Earn a paycheck interacting with animal. If you like interacting with animals, Fetch! Pet Care is the company you might want to consider working for. 

 Self Publishing 

If you are writer, musician, or filmmaker, you can submit work to CreateSpace and earn a lifetime royalty for your work work. CreateSpace is a company owned by Amazon. The company takes away the hassle of finding cover and distribution for your work. The company also offers design, editing and marketing services.

Downloading Apps

Google Screenwise Panel
Google created an app to understand your mobile and web use.  If you meet Google Screenwise Panel requirements you can earn $8 for the first week the app is installed on your phone and $2 per week after that.

Nielsen Mobile Panel
If you own a iPhone you can earn $50 a year. This is not much, but every penny counts.

Uploading Files

If you have 30 seconds (According to Crocko.com), you can earn money for uploading  your files and being paid per download.

Deposit files
Earn money uploading your files to this site. This is a good opportunity for college students. Earn some pocket money from those papers you have to write.

If you want to earn money selling notes and tutoring, you can do so on this site.

If you like to get paid everytime someone download your files, you should try Cleanfiles.


SBK Center
If you would like to be rewarded for junk mail. SBK Center reward there users with gift cards from major brands for forwarding them their junk mail. For example, you would send them junk mail related to travel and leisure, insurance, and banking.

Suggesting Names for Businesses

If you are a good at coming up with names, you could me a good some extra money suggesting names for businesses. Users will submit names for businesses hoping to win a contest and a monetary prize.


Click Accounts 
Click Account is a company that has offices in California and Asia; the site specializes in Bookkeeping.  If you majored in Finance and/or Accounting this will be a good fit for you. To be more specifics users will be paid to do freelance bookkeeping work. For more information about Click Account you can send resumes to careers@ClickAccounts.com

Trading Commodities 

Merchant Shares
Merchant Shares is a site based in Dominca where individual earn money trading commodities. Users will invest $10 to $200,000 at once and earn from their portfolio. An account on Merchant Shares is considered active until users are paid 150% of your earning from that account. In addition, users portfolio value is the dollar amount of your active deposits.

In closing, users are able to begin earning money after your transaction is processed. The site offers five payment processors: Perfect Money, EGO Pay, SolidTrust Pay, OKPay, Payeer. Merchant Shares is open to individuals globally.


Tutornext.com is a paid tutoring site that specializes in computer science. With that being said, tutors must have a B.A. or B.S. in computer science. A few skills a tutor must possess are Amazon EC2, S3, debugging skills, and C++. If you are a computer science professional you can send your resume to jobs@tutornext.com; salary depends on experience.

If you know your stuff you can get paid $20 an hour for tutoring.

Choose from a variety of fields to sell your skills.

Palmetto Tutors
If you live in the Columbia, South Carolina area, you do in home tutoring for this company.

Print On Demands

Society6 allows you to keep the right to your work and sell your work at your price. I order to sell your artwork on the site you must be a verified members. Users have the ability to turn his or her artwork into t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, laptops & ipod skins, cellphone cases, and many more items. Users are paid via PayPal at the first of the month.

Cafepress is one of the most popular print on demands on the web and a popular alternative to Zazzle. Like other print on demands, Cafepress allow users to make Men's tee shirts, shower curtains, women's tee shirts, tote bags, maternity t-shirts, water bottles, baby bodysuits, mugs, and many other products. Users will earn a commission for every sale. There was no royalty rate mentioned on the site and no payment methods listed on the website.

Zazzle is a print on demand site that will all you to create a products and pay you a royalty for your idea. In addition, Zazzle handles all the printing and shipping of products to customers. Zazzle will allow you to create you a wide variety of products (shits, posters, backpacks, pencils, hats, etc...). Zazzle will provide you with the software you need to create your products. In addition, Zazzle allows you to control the royalty. Zazzle users also have the option to add their products to their blogs and other online sites. To increase your chances of sales you can blog about your Zazzle store, have business cards made and pass them out, and promote your products on your social media pages. Payments are made via PayPal.

Create a campaign for your original designs and start selling your t-shirts today via PayPal.

For a  small fee, storekeepers can create a online store with Esty and begin earning money.

Website Testing

Userfeel is one of many websites where users get paid to test websites; their parent  company is Netstudios.gr. Users will be required to record his of her thoughts about the website they tested into a microphone. Users will be paid $10 per test. If you are good at testing websites you can earn $100-$200 a month. Last but not least, users will be required to take a sample test; it takes between 7 - 2 months to get your sample test graded.

Join Analysis.com and earn money for testing websites. Testers will be required to record their experience using the website into a microphone. Like many other websites in this category users will earn $10 and be paid via PayPal.  Test are assigned based on the information in your profile and the website needs.

Enrollapp.com is a part of the company Zurb in Campbell, California. Enrollapp.com offers short test and monetary prizes for earning badges. The site pays via PayPal.

Answering Questions

Keen is a site where users are paid to answer questions, some users claim to be physics. Users site their own price and can comment with users via phone of online in a chatroom like setting. The best part about Keen is you pay them when you make money. In addition, users are given a Keen number and other tools that will allow them to become successful adivice givers. Users will receive payment via Express Pay, direct deposit, or check.

Virtual Games 

Goal Tycoon
Goal Tycoon is a virtual gaming site that is dedicated to football. Users create a football club that will allow their players to practice and train for virtual games. Users earn virtual currency for their daily activities.

Anno117 is a virtual game that you can play to earn money. Like many other virtual games you can choose a profession. Setting up your account takes 2 minutes.

Market Glory 
Marketglory.com is another virtual site that you can play to earn money. After doing some research online, uers can earn by starting companies,  work in almost any profession, and recruiting referrals. The sites highest earner has made 323428.32 Euro's.


Medscribe is a company that offers job placement for individuals who wish to enter the medical feild. The company has a good reputation for finding temporary and permanent job assignments. User can apply for administrative, clinical, and nursing fields.

Sarah Cannon
Sarah Cannon is a medical organization of Hospital Corporations of America. The cancer based organization offers work from home positions. Visit Indeed.com for more information.

The notable, medical company is looking for customer service reps to serve their customers. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, and 2 years of experience.


If you hold a bachelor's degree in the required field, you can earn a full-time position as a property general adjuster.

Job Search Engines

User can browse this sites for a variety of work from home jobs.

If you like to browse these sites for freelancing job, feel free to do so.

Selling Sneakers

If you are a sneakerhead, create a online account and start selling your unwanted sneakers.

If you want another options that allow you to sell your sneakers, this site is one for you.

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