Thursday, April 28, 2016

Get Paid to Poop

Photo Credit Pixabay

Many of you might not like this particular post, but you can get paid to poop. If this does not gross you out, keep reading, you might find this earning opportunity right for you. Below is a brief review of OpenBiome.

C. difficile is a medical condition that harms the gut. Several people are affected by this disease. To be exact, about 500,000 people are deal with this disease. When conventional medicine does not work, C. difficile specialists turn to unconventional methods, or poop.

Location is Important
OpenBiome is located in the Medford, MA (Boston area) and donors must visit Boston to donate poop. With that being said, this is a good opportunity for Boston area college students and residents.

How does it Work?
Donating poop, or stool is not like donating blood or plasma. Donors must go through two rounds or testing, including blood and stool. In addition, stool donors must donate five days a week for 60 days. If donors manage to make the cut, they will recieve $40 per stool sample. Donors will also have to complete a health questionaire. If you would like the company to expand, join OpenBiome registry, if they have enough donors, they might come to a city near you. In closing, donors that successfully complete the process will have to go through Donor Orientation session before they can begin donating.


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