Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is Blogging a Job?

Blogging has become new thing, and many people wonder if blogging can be consider the job. I say yes.

Photo Credit Pixabay
1. Using Skills
When you are a blogger, you are using a skill, so it is resume worthy. With that being said, you  have to write, promote, and monetize your content.

2. Self-employment
Blogging happens to fall under being self-employed, and self-employment is considered a job. It is safe to say, that most people do not consider blogging as nothing more then a hobby, but bloggers are self-employed.

3. Time & Money
If something takes time out of your day with the possibility to earn money is a job. Some bloggers put in 40 hours a week. If you do not blog 40 hours a week, it can still be used on your resume.

In closing, blogging is a great way to create an opportunity for yourself, especially for communication related major.


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