Friday, April 15, 2016

Get Paid to Sell your Clothes

Photo Credit Pixabay

It is safe to say, that some people have a lot of clothes in their closet. If you would like to sell unwanted clothing for a few extra bucks keep reading. With that being said, you will introduced to three sites that allow you to earn money for selling those clothes that may be sitting in the closet and collecting dust.

Tradesy is one of the top contenders for people selling clothing items online. Once you upload your item (in decent condition) they will get rid of the unwanted thing in photo you uploaded and work on the coloring of the item. Once your item is sold, Tradesy takes 9% of the sales price. The site will give you a pre-paid shipping sticker for you to ship to your buyer.

Another contender, ASOS, is a good place to sell your items. The online retailer allows users to create online store, commonly referred to as a boutique. Furthermore, the site will assign a account manager to work with you. Last but not least, users must pay a $30 monthly fee plus a 20% sales commissions.

Lastly, Poshmark is also a good place to sell your unwanted clothing as well. The good thing about Poshmark is they have an app. From your smartphone, you can put in the important information about your garment and call it a day. Like the other two sites listed, Poshmark takes a portion of your sales as well. If you sale anything under three dollars, Poshmark will take $3, for sales higher than $15 the site will take a 20%. Users are issued a label for shipping and ship the item for you.


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