Thursday, April 7, 2016

Combination Post 1

Photo Credit Pixabay
The combination post is something new that I am trying. These post are a combination of sites that are not featured on the site. The purpose is to expose readers to earning opportunities that do not venture to the earning pages.

Losing Weight

If you like to get paid to lose weight, you need to head over to the Apps that Pay page. There, you will find a few options that may help you earn money. One option is DietBet. DietBet has a tradional website as well.

Taken from the Apps that Pay Page

Users can creat or join a weight loss challenge and win money in the process. Once you follow the sites instructions, you can cashout via PayPal once they are eligible for a redemption. Users are notified via email about recieving payments.

If you like try new apps, you can get paid to do it. If you can convince your social media followers to join you on Uento, you have the ability to earn more money. Go over to the play store and check out the app for yourself.

Taken from the Miscellaneous Page

Virtual Gaming

Goal Tycoon is a virtual gaming site that allow users to get paid to have fun in their spare time. For more information, head over to Goal Tycoon.

Nielsen Mobile Panel
If you like to get paid to install app on your phone, Nielsen Mobile Phone, may be a the app/site you are looking for.

Taken from the Data Entry, Customer Service, and Virtual Assistant Page

Virtual Assistant Jobs
Virtual Assistant Jobs is a site that list several virtual assistant jobs. If you are looking for virtual assistant work, you can browse the site and see if they have anything you like.

Look forward to more combination post from time to time. Thanks for reading.




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