Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Starting Blogging for Free

Blogging is a popular way to earn money, some people pay for webhosting sites, but there are ways to start your blog for free with a free webhosting.

Free Webhosting Sites

Blogger is one of the most popular free webhosting sites in the world. The biggest perk about Blogger is their parent company, Google. With that being said, your login information for your other google accounts can be used for Blogger. In addition, you can use many other Google's features on your Blogger blog. First, it will be easier to put ads on your blog and easier to use Google Webmasters. Last but not least, users can easily add Blogger's features to their website. Users can purchase their own domain for $12.

WordPress is another popular webhosting site in the world. The webhosting site has a free option, but also have upgraded packages that come with a fee. Another benefit of Wordpress is plugins. Bloggers can download plugins and avoid putting javascripts on their sites manually.

Wix is not as popular as WordPress and Blogger, but it is has a huge number of users. In addition to creating a regular blog, users can create an online store with Wix. According to Wix's, you do not need any tech skills, you can create your site on your own with their drag and drop feature. Wix aslo offers premium packages.

Last but not least, Weebly, is another free option for you. Weebly is a good idea for people wanting to add a shopping cart on their blog. Users can also upgrade to a package plan as well.
In closing, I am living proof that you can start a blog with $0. In addition, bloggers can get free images from Pixabay. I hope you find a free webhosting site that fit your needs.
I do not blog on all the sites mentioned above. It is best to do further research.

Photo Credit Pixabay



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