Friday, May 20, 2016

Join EliteWriters

   Photo Credit Pixabay

EliteWriters is the newest edition to the pay per view model type of freelance writing. If you like to get paid per pageview, Elite Writers is a site you should checkout.

A Few Rules

Word Count
If you wish to publish your articles here, you will have to write 200 words or more. In addition, the site recommend that you keep articles around 300 words.

Sharing Articles
Articles can only be shared once on your social media accounts. Sharing a post, more than once, may get your ban.

Affiliate Links
Affiliate links are not allowed in article.

If you get more than three warning, consider your dismissed from the site.

Writers can only post pictures they have permission to post. With that being said, writers must give credit to the illustrator of the picture.

Pay Rate
Users are paid 0.005 cents for both page views and comments.

Users can get paid once they reach $5. Payments are made via PayPal. Check back at a later time for information about the payrate.

There are several more things you need to know about EliteWriter. Click the link and visit the general rules tab for more infomation.


  1. Please keep in mind in order to get paid the writer must have 25 articles written and must ask for a payout. Otherwise the Admin will not know if you have met that threshold or not. Also, views are now worth $0.01 each.

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