Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Join Chit Chat City

Photo Credit Pixabay

Virtual gaming sites are popular ways to earn money. Chit Chat City, is a virtual gaming site that may be a good earning sites for you. Below, is a good way to earn money.


Chit Chat City, that allow users to create their own house (to there liking). Users also share a neighborhood with their neighbors and can interact with them. With that bieng said, users can host a house party to get to know their neighbors.

Earning Credits.

There are several ways to earn credits on Chit Chat City. They are listed below.

Hunting and Fishing

  • Hunting zoombies in cemeteries
  • Neutralizing them

  • Catching fish in Fish City

Store Owner
If you can create a good avatars, or create your own items, you can open your own store on Chit Chat City. To do this, users must purchase the Shop Block in the furniture shop. Once you are getting sales, you will receive 50% commission.

Users can are allowed to create a tomato garden that will grow in eight days. Once your tomatoes are ripe, you can earn sell them for credits.

Lost Puppy
If you happen to be in Capital City, you can reconnect a lost pup with thier owners. The owner of the dog will reward you with credits for your time.

Buy Credits
This can be done via PayPal.

Win Contest

Enter contests and hope you win.
Last but not least, there was no payment process mentioned on the sites. I have no ideas if users can cash their credits in for real cash. Earning the 50% commission seems like the only way to earn money.



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