Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earn Money with a Print on Demand

Print on demands are increasingly popular. If you like designing t-shirts, making postcards, designing backpacks, posters, keychains, and pencils print on demands maybe a good place for you.

Threadless is a site that allows users to design t-shirts. The designs are the original artwork done by independent artists. The site has a design approval process that may last up to two days. The Chicago, Illinois based company has non-exclusive rights to your work. In addition, the site pays via PayPal. Laat but not least, the site is open to countries worldwide and only accept .jps, .gits, or .png images.

Teespring is another option that allow members to sell t-shirts. Users can create their designs or use Teespring's v clipart library (10,000 images and 50 fonts). In addition, the sales money pay for the production of design and the Teespring will ship it to your customers. Last but not least, Teespring is open to many other countries, a few of them arw Australia, Brazil, Canada, France,  Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Skreened is another Zazzle alternative that you can use to sell your original designs. T-shirt designers with this site set their own commission rate. In addition, t-shirt designers will also be supporting social entrepreneurship, all products are made in America.

Last but not least, a good site to biild an online presence as well. Printful, allows t-shirt designers to keep the rights to their work. In addition, t-shirt creators can have a branding sticker on packages that are shipped to customers. Printful also allow users to get 20% off of samples. Users are allowed to order 5 products at three samples each. Users can accept payments via PayPal, and Braintee,

To purchase products from my online store, read the following blog post,

Write for BKA Content

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BKA Content is a content mill that aims to make writing SEO content fun. In addition, the website send their writers weekly messages that are motivational and communicate with writers on their Facebook forum. Another thing that make the site fun is the ability to complete in competitions and get rewarded. Writers also have to write at a college level. With that being said, writers must pass a 20 question test that is 15 minutes long. If the writer receives a passing score they will be given training materials and be assigned a 350 word writing sample. Last but not least, writers must have a Microsoft Word account, meet deadlines, write 5 articles per week.

Earning Potential
Most writers are paid earn between $10-$18 per hour. However, the writers earnings will depend on their availability and how many articles they can turn out in a day.

Payment Method
Writers are paid every two week via PayPal.

The site is only open to U.S. citizens and residents.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Work for AccuTran Global

AccuTran is a work from home data entry company based in Ontario, Canada. Workers will be hired to work in the following areas: transcriptionist, transcriptionist reviewers, editors, real time writers and scopist.
A few skill you will need to have is good English and grammar skills, a second language (not a requirement, but a plus), should be able to type 60 words a hour and have a computer less than four years old. I addition, workers must have a headset and foot pedal. Applicants should also be knowledge about the banking and finance industry. Last but not least, workers are guaranteed permanent employment. The company peak periods last four weeks, the periods begin on October 20, January 20, April 20 and July 20.

Transcriptionist listens to short pieces of audio and record them into a word document.

Transcriptionist Reviews
The person that is assigned  to this position will review the transcriptionist work for error, research terminology, and re-listens to pieces of the audio.

The editors have the same responsibilities as the transcriptionist reviewers, but they listen to the entire audio recording.

Real Time Writers (captioners)
Real time writers are hired to do a separate task, my guess is you will be writing captions for pictures.

Scopist are hired to handle court reports.

Earning Potential
Transcribers earnings will depend on the type of audio you are hired to transcribe. Workers that handle basic audio will be paid $0.005 cents per word and workers that deal with difficult audio or foreign language will be paid $0.0066 per word. If a worker earns $2000 in a six week period will be given a $50 bonus.

Payment Method
AccuTran Global pays their work from home, independent contractors on the 15th or each month via check of wire transfer.

AccuTran Global hires work from home data entry workers from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Take Surveys on

Type of Work/Background Info

ISurveyWorld is a website that pay it's users to participate in surveys that will help their clients.  Surveys takers are invited to take survey that are tailored to their interest.  In to get more surveys that are related to your interest, you must complete all your profiles. Most surveys can be completed in 15-20 minutes.
Earning Potential
Users earning will depend on the number or surveys a person take and the amount they paid per survey.
International members are allowed to earn on isurveyworld.
Users are paid via PayPal.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Earn Money with GetPaidTo

Type of Work
GetPaidTo is a gpt site. A few things uses are paid to are participate in surveys, cashback shopping, play games, watch videos. Like many other gpt sites, GetPaidTo pays their users in points that can be converted into cash, gift cards, and cashback boost.

Earning Potential
Users earnings will depend on how many points they are able to earn. The conversion rate is 250 points for five cent. Five cent is the minimum cashout amount as well.

Payment Method
Users are paid via PayPal.

GetPaidTo is open to U.S. and U.K. residents.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monetize your Apps with Supersonic

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Type of Work/Background info
Supersonic is a website that was launched in 2009. The company has offices around the world, but their global headquarters is in San Francisco, California. This site allows users to monetize apps they have downloaded on their cellphones.  With that being said, users are called Influencers and will earn from posting mobile videos, interstitial ads, and completing offer on the offerwall.. For example, users will promote advertisements from clients like Dove, Adidas, Honda, and Grouping.

Earning Potential
Users earnings will depend on the how many of their social media friends interact with the ads they place on their social media accounts. The site does not list payment information for each ad option.

Payment Option
There is no payment options listed on the site.

The site seems to be open worldwide, but there are not countries listed on the sites homepage.