Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monetize your Apps with Supersonic

Photo Credit Pixabay
Type of Work/Background info
Supersonic is a website that was launched in 2009. The company has offices around the world, but their global headquarters is in San Francisco, California. This site allows users to monetize apps they have downloaded on their cellphones.  With that being said, users are called Influencers and will earn from posting mobile videos, interstitial ads, and completing offer on the offerwall.. For example, users will promote advertisements from clients like Dove, Adidas, Honda, and Grouping.

Earning Potential
Users earnings will depend on the how many of their social media friends interact with the ads they place on their social media accounts. The site does not list payment information for each ad option.

Payment Option
There is no payment options listed on the site.

The site seems to be open worldwide, but there are not countries listed on the sites homepage.


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