Thursday, April 23, 2015

Write for BKA Content

Photo Credit Pixabay
BKA Content is a content mill that aims to make writing SEO content fun. In addition, the website send their writers weekly messages that are motivational and communicate with writers on their Facebook forum. Another thing that make the site fun is the ability to complete in competitions and get rewarded. Writers also have to write at a college level. With that being said, writers must pass a 20 question test that is 15 minutes long. If the writer receives a passing score they will be given training materials and be assigned a 350 word writing sample. Last but not least, writers must have a Microsoft Word account, meet deadlines, write 5 articles per week.

Earning Potential
Most writers are paid earn between $10-$18 per hour. However, the writers earnings will depend on their availability and how many articles they can turn out in a day.

Payment Method
Writers are paid every two week via PayPal.

The site is only open to U.S. citizens and residents.


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