Thursday, April 9, 2015

Work for AccuTran Global

AccuTran is a work from home data entry company based in Ontario, Canada. Workers will be hired to work in the following areas: transcriptionist, transcriptionist reviewers, editors, real time writers and scopist.
A few skill you will need to have is good English and grammar skills, a second language (not a requirement, but a plus), should be able to type 60 words a hour and have a computer less than four years old. I addition, workers must have a headset and foot pedal. Applicants should also be knowledge about the banking and finance industry. Last but not least, workers are guaranteed permanent employment. The company peak periods last four weeks, the periods begin on October 20, January 20, April 20 and July 20.

Transcriptionist listens to short pieces of audio and record them into a word document.

Transcriptionist Reviews
The person that is assigned  to this position will review the transcriptionist work for error, research terminology, and re-listens to pieces of the audio.

The editors have the same responsibilities as the transcriptionist reviewers, but they listen to the entire audio recording.

Real Time Writers (captioners)
Real time writers are hired to do a separate task, my guess is you will be writing captions for pictures.

Scopist are hired to handle court reports.

Earning Potential
Transcribers earnings will depend on the type of audio you are hired to transcribe. Workers that handle basic audio will be paid $0.005 cents per word and workers that deal with difficult audio or foreign language will be paid $0.0066 per word. If a worker earns $2000 in a six week period will be given a $50 bonus.

Payment Method
AccuTran Global pays their work from home, independent contractors on the 15th or each month via check of wire transfer.

AccuTran Global hires work from home data entry workers from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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