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Sell Articles at Dotwriter.com

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If you are looking to write articles and post them on the internet to sell them afterwards, you are on the right blog post. The earning site featured in this post is a site for writers wanting to sell original content.

What is Dotwriter?

As mentioned aboved, dotwriter.com is a online marketplace where writers can sell their original content or write articles that are requested by buyers. Once you sell the rights to your original content, you no longer have any rights to the article.

How does Dotwriter work?

After your content is submitted to dotwriter.com, the site's staff take a look at your work before submitting it clients. The site would like to have their clients be impressed with your work.

How does Dotwriter Pay?

Like many other sites on the internet, Dotwriter pays via PayPal. Users must earn $10 before they can get a PayPal redemption. In addition, users can earn more money with Dotwriter affiliate program.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Earn Money On Your Cellphone

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If you own a cellphone, why not get paid to use. With that being said, you can use apps that will to earn some extra money. Some apps will pay you in cash and others will pay you in the form of points. Below are a few options you can use to earn some extra cash.

1. Viggle

Viggle is a good app to use when watching tv and listening to music. Like many other apps, Viggle pays their users in points. All users have to do is tap the app when they are listening to music or watching their favorite tv show. In addition, users can play games and sign up for the company's lockscreen service. I could not find Viggle's payout information, but 30 to 50 cents is equal to 1 cent.

2. Earn Money

Earn Money has said that there site is the best way to earn money. With that being said, users can earn money registering for free sites and many other tasks. To be precise, users can earn money watching ads, visiting a webpage, or taking surveys. Earn Money pays users via PayPal. The money users earn from completing offers are paid sent to users PayPal accounts the next day. In addition, users are paid $.25 for every referral and 100 point are equal to $1.00. Last but not least, this app is andriod only.

3. Quick Cash

Quick Cash is a way to monetize your social networks. For the most part, users will post apps on their social media accounts and get paid when their friends and followers download the apps they sugguest. In addition, users can earn money with Quick Cash partner sites. A few of their partner sites are, Supersonic Offers, Aarki, Superrewards, and Trial Pay. Users are paid via PayPal.

In addition, to the information written above, you can click on the links listed below and find other smartphone apps that will pay you.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Get Paid to Upload Video on Rumble.com


It is well known that YouTube has the Youtube Partners Program. However, it is safe to say that Google owned site has a new competitor, Rumble.com. The revenue sharing site is similar to YouTube, but has a few differences.

How is Rumble similar to YouTube?

The site is similar to YouTube due to the fact that both sites will pay you for your videos. In addition, the site has to review your submissions before you can earn. However, the YouTubers must apply for the video monetization and have a Google Adsense account.

How is Rumble different?

It appears that each video must get approved by Rumble's administrators. One thing that stands out about Rumble is the ability to take upfront payments for videos. Users also have the right to earn residual income if they do not want upfront payment.


The rumor on the internet is Rumble is a slow earner. However, it is best to try the site for yourself and make your own decison. Futhermore, the site does not mention a payment system


In closing, Rumble is a new website, so do not become a millionaire from your content. In addition, this would be a good way to promote a blog or business.


Other Options for Monetizing Social Media

If you are familiar with this blog, you are aware you can earn extra money by twitting. If

you are not, I will give you a few site that will allow you to monetize your Twitter account. I will include the link to the other blog post that will give you options to monetize your Twitter account.

TwitPub is a free service that Twitter users can use to sell tweets. In order to be a publisher on TwitPub, Twitter users must produce quality content. After reviewing the site, it seems that publishers sell subscriptions to TwitPub's client. Publishers on TwitPub are also allowed to choose their subscription price. In addition, the site suggest users have a private account of have their account set up where their updates are not public. Users are paid 80% or higher, depending on the subscription volume. Payment can be claimed by PayPal or check once users reach $25.

Groupon Affiliates
Groupon is another affiliate program that you can use to monetize your Twitter account. User will get paid to promoting deals to your readers on social media. Users will get paid around the 20th of each month via ACH Network.

If you would like to monetize your social media accounts, you can click the following link(s). The links are listed below.




Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ISpyPlates Review

ISpyPlates is a company that specializes earning money by receiving text messages and giving the company license plate numbers. If you are interested about this company keep reading. To be more specific, this site is similar to FreeEats in regards to earning money for recieving text messages.

Receiving Text Messages
Like FreeEats you are paid just for receiving test messages. In addition, the company offers a referral program for their users as well. There is no payment amount mentioned on the site so you will have to join or do addition research to find out. ISpyPlates will send you text messages from companies that want feedback about their product or service.

License Plates
Many of you are thinking why give them license plates numbers. The license plates numbers you will give the company will be used by law enforcement, repo men and women, and insurance companies. I guess this is to help them look for stolen vehicles. There is no pay rate listed on the site home page for each license plate you give the company so you will have to join to find out more information. Nor is there any information about how you will collect the license plate numbers (random or with permission). However, there is information about the bonuses you will receive. For starters, you will be paid a $50 bonus when you enter your first ten license plates. You will receive $25 a piece for your first three referrals.

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Get Paid2Youtube.com Review

Type of Work
Paid2Youtube.com is a website that allows individuals to earn money by watching YouTube videos. Users are rewarded for watching five minutes. After looking around the internet  for reviews, it would be best to login sea few times each day to ensure you get the best offers. The site appears to be simple, but it is always best that sounds farther research. In addition, the site only allows one account per IP address.

Earning Potential
The site is a slow earner so you will not be able to make the big bucks. To be precise, users will earn a half a cent $0.005 per view, $0.10 cents per comment you write, $0.01 per rating you rate the video, and $0.15 per subscription you make. Users are also paid for referrals. For each referrals users will earn $0.01 per view your referral make, 0.05 per comment your referrals make, 0.005 per rating your referral make, and $0.05 subscription your referral make. Users can only comment and subscribe once to a video. Users are not limited to a certain number when recurring referrals.

Payment Method
Users can claim their payment once they reach $10 in earnings; payments are made via PayPal.

There was no information about what countries can join Paid2Youtube.

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Get Paid to be a Online Juror

Many people hate serving jury duty but what if I told you you can sign up and serve jury duty when it is convenient for you. The sites below offer individuals a change to serve on mock juries and earn pocket change.

Virtual Jury 
One site that allow you to get experience as paid online juror is Virtual Jury. After you register you will be invited to participate when cases are available.

eJury is also of the business of hiring mock jurors. The does not mention information about how cases are assigned to jurors but have a few rules that all online jurors must follow, you can read them here.

Online Verdict is similar to the sites mentioned below. The sites will allow to hear cases and give attorney your opinion about the case in a questionnaire. To quality for this online juror site you must be a U.S. citizen and 18 years old.

Trial Juries
Trialjuries.com is one site that allows you become a paid jury. The cases you will be deciding on will be mock cases for people that want feed back on a case before they actually take their case to court. Requirements are similar to being a regular jury member, you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age, and have not been convicted of a felony. For more information click the link above. Online jurors can earn $30 or more.

Sign Up Direct
Sign Up Direct is another site where you can earn money serving as a juror. Jurors will be serving on assignments in their area. Like a regular juror you are randomly selected for the case you. If you are selected you can earn up to $100 for your time.

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Earn Money By Receiving Text Messages

Smartphones are really popular and now you now have the opportunity to make extra money using your smartphone. You can place ads on your lock screen, participate in paid social media sites, complete surveys, and now you can get paid to receive text messages. With that being said, this blog post will be about earning money to receive text messages.

FreeEats.com is a new company that pays users $1 to receive text messages. Companies that most likely use this service will are survey company's, retails company's, and many other companies that can rake advantage of mobile marketing. In addition, to viewing advertisements and completing surveys, you may be directed to a blog where you view content.

A few Things you Should Know

No Sign Up Cost
FreeEats.com is free to join an would not cost you anything. However, cellphone carrier may charge you for text messaging.

Getting Paid
To earn money with FreeEats you will need a PayPal.

More earning opportunities.
In addition, you may have the opportunity to earn money by visiting websites, watching videos, clicking on links, or calling numbers. You will have to stay on the website for 30 seconds or longer to receive the full amount of money you are suppose to earn.

Multiple Smartphones
You can earn money with more than one smartphone, you just have to own all smartphones you use with FreeEats.

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Qmee Review

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If you are a college student, work in a feild that require you to research  or someone that surfs the internet Qmee might be a earning site that you may like.

What is Qmee?
Qmee is a paid to search site that was launched in 2012. Why not get paid do something you do on a regular basis.

How does it work?
According to online reviews, Qmee users have to download their software that will monitor your online searches and put a monetary  amount beside them. 

Lets Talk about the Pay
According to online reviews, you will not make much money, some online searches will only earn you pennies while other will earn you a dollar or more. In addition, users are paid via PayPal. To make things better, you can claim your redemption and receive itwithin minutes.

Task Rabbit Review

Task Rabbit Is a company that hire freelancers to do a variety of tasks that you are not able to do. Task Rabbit will match you assignment with qualified Taskers (term used t describe freelancers). The company is very selective and put potential Tasker through an interview process before they can start accepting task. The company charges a 20% fee for each task to provide around the clock Member Support Services.

Job Description

Each task will vary and depends on the person that hires you to perform the task. Tasker's may be walking someone's dog or running errands for someone in exchange for cash.


The company is available in more than 19 cities, a few are New York City, Boston, and Atlanta. You will have to see if is available in your city.


Payment for each task is a price that the Tasker must agree with before accepting it from his or her client. With that being said, many Taskers are paid per hour. Task Rabbit will handle the payment process, including cancellations.



Getting paid to like someone on social media is a growing trend when it comes to getting paid to earn online. Like many other sites you will earn cents to like a social media page.

Type of Work

The title of the site and the introduction is self-explanatory, so you should already know what you will be doing by now.

Earning Potential

This site will not make you rich, but if you are looking to earn pocket change online this might be the site for you. You will earn $0.001 per like or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Traffic Hit. In addition, you will also be given a small sign up bonus of $.01 . In addition, you can earn 10% of what your referrals make. In addition, you can earn points that maybe redeemed as cash.

Payment Options

You can withdraw your $0.70 redemption via PayPal, Alert Pay, Payza, and OkPay.


I could not any information about what countries can join LikeAsap.com

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Get Paid for Likes Review

Many people spend several hours on Facebook, but do not get paid for it. One online site plans to change that. Get Paid for Likes is a online site that pay users to like Facebook pages. Get Paid for Likes was established in 2012 and offers an easy sign up process, all users need is an Facebook page and a PayPal account. After you sign into your Facebook account via the "Click Here to Start" button you can begin liking pages and earning money. Users will have to sign everything through the portal mental above.

How it Works

The client will list the price they are willing to pay you to befriend their Facebook page and you will get paid for, some clients will pay 4 cents for you to like their page. In addition to getting paid for liking Facebook pages, you can earn for referring others as well; users will get 30% commission of what their friends make.

Payment Process

You can request a payment once you have earned $5. Users will enter their PayPal email address in the appropriate space when they request a payment. Before you can get your money, you will have to wait 7-10 days. The company checks for any illegal activity with your account.

For more information about the site click here. I would appreciate it if you shared this page with anybody in need of earning money from home and/or your social media pages.

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4 GPT Sites to Use for Extra Money

Get Paid to sites commonly known as GPT sites are one stop shops for earning money online. These particular sites allow users to earn money by clicking ads, doing surveys, playing games, and watching videos among many other things. Some GPT sites allow you to earn a referral fee recommending new users. Here are a few GPT sites that you can use to earn money online. GPT sites will not replace a full-time income so do not quit your day job. In addition, users may have to pay a yearly fee if he or she want to upgrade to a premium account.

Unique Rewards
Unique Rewards is a GPT site that pays a little different; users earn cash for their time instead of points that most sites that fall into this category pays. Users will earn anywhere from one to three cents for doing a variety of activities, a few are visiting ads, reading emails, watching videos, and completing surveys. Unique Rewards referral program is one users will love.

Clixsense is one of the most popular sites to use for earning money. The site allows users to complete tasks, click ads, and earn money through multiple partner sites. Users also can earn a refer fee for referring new users. Last but not least, users will have $17 yearly fee if they want to increase their chances or earning more information about the link listed above.

Quick Rewards
Quick Rewards is another site you will like if you are interested in earning money using a GPT site. Users can earn points that can be converted into money when you reach a certain point. Users can earn money by playing games, completing free and paid offers, answering questions, taking surveys, redeeming coupons, and shopping. The site does not specify a payout amount and users have bragged about getting their money hours after requesting it via PayPal.

Inbox Dollars and Subsidiaries
Inbox Dollar is one of the most popular GPT sites on the web. Users get paid to read emails, takes surveys, try new offers, and search the internet. The company was founded in 2000 by Darren Cotter and expanded international, lauching Inbox Pounds in the United Kingdom and Daily Rewards in Canada. In addition to the companies mentioned above, Inbox Dollar established another subsidiary, Sending Earnings. All companies give out a $5 dollar sign up bonus. A payment can requested when a user has earned $30.

Textbroker Review

Textbroker is a popular content mill that many writers write for. Before you can join the start writing for the site you must submit a writing sample that Textbroker's editors will grade. The highest level is 5 where you will earn half a cent per word and the lowest level is 2 where writers will earn 0.078 cents per words. Level three writers can earn 1 per word, level four writers earn 1.4 cents per word, and level five writers earn five cents a word.


Good Place to Write

Textbroker is a good place to write, and the best part about is you do not have to be a professional writer. With that being said, you can write their if you are a college student, unemployed, aspire to be a professional writer, or just looking for some pocket change.


Textbroker is a legit site that pays their writers on time. Writers will get paid every Friday and must claim their money the night before, 11:59 p.m. PST time zone.

Direct Orders

If you make a good impression on a client you may get direct orders where you can set your own price. This will allow you to earn more money.


Getting Graded

Textbrokers have editors that will grade your work periodically an give you and overall grade of 2-5. This is a con because if you are a low level writer you will not earn a lot of money.


Textbroker may not have a lot of work and that may hurt your earnings for that day.


Textbroker only accepts writers from certain countries, the site requires proof of citizenship before you can join.


Rumor has it that Textbroker will automatically assign you to level three due to the writing sample being too short. After you first five assignments are completed, your work will be edited and your writing level may change.

The following link is a link to some of the rules grammatical guidelines set by Textbroker, https://www.textbroker.com/ap-style-and-textbroker.

Textbroker is open to countries outside the United States. You can find the countries on the top left side of the page, you click on the tab by that precedes the Company and Support tabs.

Earn Money Writing for Content Mills

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If you are any good at writing, you may want to check out the following sites. They can help you gain experience in the freelance writing profession and boost your income.


Blogmutt is a writing company that offers there services to blogs. With that being said, writers will write blog post for the Blogmutt's clients in exchange for money. Writers are paid a flat rate of $8 a post, no matter the length.


Iwriter is another popular content mill that writers write for. Writers all start from the bottom and must work for their way to the top. With that being said writers all start out as Standard level writers. After successfully completing 30 articles you can get promoted to the Premium, after Premium, the next and final level is Elite where writer earn the most money. In addition, writers from all over the world can join Iwriter. However, clients can reject your article for no reason at all.

Iwriter also have a program where you buy your way into the elite level, writers must write three articles with keywords that are chosen by Iwriter.


Write.com is a content mill that requires writers to do their best work. Freelance writers at Write.com are given title Expert. To become an Expert you must give the site your contact information along with a 300 word writing sample. If your work is good you will invited to join the site.


Writefinder company based in New Zealand. This company helps writers find freelance jobs all over the world. Many of the writers have bragged about the work they have been able to find on the site.

Writing Assist

Writer Assist specialize in technical writing, instructional design, medical writers, copywriters, editors, designers & illustrators. Writers can get hired for temporary assignments of permanent assignments. Writers are required to send the company a resume, mailing address, and contact number. Jobs seekers are only limited to the U.S. and Canada.

Dollar Stretcher

Dollar Stretcher is a site that is dedicated to teaching people about how get more things with less money. Articles must be 800 and writers must know about the subject they are teaching the sites readers about. In addition, writers must specify if they want a payment for their work.

The Penny Hoarder Review

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What is The Penny Hoarder?
The Penny Hoarder is a paid writing site that focus on money. To be more specific, the site has three area of focus, earning money saving money, and growing your business. If you are interested in the following topics keep reading.

How Does The Penny Hoarded Work?
Writers are required to write 700-900 words. In addition, to the word count, The Penny Hoarder recommend there writers put together bloggly, friendly pieces that can be used in real. Writers must also provide examples, personal examples or other useful examples you can find on the internet. It is also helpful to link other related posts. Post should be submitted via Google Docs. Writers should also include a headline with their article.

Let's Talk about Pay?
The sites pays, only when pre-arranged with The Penny Hoarder's editors. However, they do allow writers to post links to their personal blogs. With a  2 million monthly visitors, that is a huge bonus. In addition, to upfront payments, all writers get bonuses for traffic milestones. If your article reaches 50,000 hits, the writer will get $100.  When you get 100,000 hits, you will get $200. When your post reach 250,000 hits, The Penny Hoarder will pay you $250. Payments are made via PayPal.
For more information click the link above.

Earn Extra Money on Bank Roll Bucks

What is Bank Roll Bucks?
Bank Roll Bucks is a site that is similar to many other earning sites featured on this blog, it is a gpt site. Bank Roll Bucks allows members from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and New Zealand.

How Does Bank Roll Bucks Work?
Bank Roll Bucks 12 offerwalls that members choose from. With that being said, according to the site homepage offers are added daily. In addition, the site adds 20 or more surveys daily. A few survey's that were recently added were Vodka Study, Tequila/Gin Study, and  iPhone User Study.

Lets Talk About Pay?
Users can claim their payment their account balance reach $1. Cash payments can be claimed via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Check. If you would like a gift card, users can choose from Amazon, eBay, and Starbucks. Payments are made daily.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Earn Extra Money with Fronto

Fronto is a lockscreen app that allow that reward individuals for simply unlocking his or her cellphone. Cellphone users will enjoy advertisements from the latest news websites and companies and apps looking for expsoure.


Fronto pays there users in the form of points that can be claimed for a cash prize later on. To be specific, the you point you earn will depend the action that you perform. The amount of points users will need to earn before claiming $1 is 2500 points. Fronto users can earn points by downloading a app, reading a news article, unlocking you smartphone, or following a page on a social networth.

Collecting Your Reward

Fronto users have three ways to collect their rewards: Amazon Giftcards, PayPal, or giving their earning to charitable cause.

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