Sunday, January 4, 2015

3 Apps That Pay You To Sell Photos

Photo Credit Pixabay
If you own a smartphone then you know that you can earn money from your device. There has been one feature article about apps that pay, The difference with this blog post is, the apps featured in this post will pay for selling your photos.
Shoot and Sell
Shoot and Sell is an app that photographers will love, you can sell your images and take advantage of mobile marketing the site has to offer. Photographer can show their clients what the purchase will look like on a wall with  in their room with the apps Shoot & Sell technology. Your cellphone must compatible with the app in order to be a member and sell your photos.
Dreamstime is another app that allow you to sell your photos. Dreamstime gives users notifications every time you get a sale. In addition, the site allows you to optimize your photos for visibility in their marketplace. To sweeten the pot, users earn 25%-60% on every sale.
Foap is also another app in this catergory. Photographers with this sell photos through this app are referred to as Foapers. Each photo sells for $10. Membersmust split half the $10 with the company. The company has been featured on the news and has several well known clients, a few are Heineken, Candy Crush Saga, and Master Card.

Photo Credit Pixabay
Clashot is just one alternative to Foap. Photographers sell their photos for must $.99. If your photo is really good it may be featured in the best shots section where you can earn $50. The site also functions as a social media site that users can earn money from as well. Users can cash out once you earn $3 or more in earnings.
Stock Magic
Stock Magic is a app where users can  sell  their photos for $1. The company sells the photos you take to clients that make blog posts and social media pages for. You will be paid each time your photo is used, allowing you to earn residual income.


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