Sunday, January 4, 2015

Get Paid To Watch Video/Ads

Photo Credit Pixabay
Many people earn money by simply watching videos or clicking ads. These types of sites will not pay the bills, but they will put your spare change in your pocket. Below are sites that allow you to earn by watching video. 
Bonzo Me
Bonzo Me is becoming a popular site to earn money watching videos. In addition, to watching videos you can post pictures and videos and earn 80% of the ad revenue. Bonzo Me also allows members to post videos and ask a question to fellow Bonzo Me members, users must select the answer choices as well. Last but not least, you can earn money watching videos. When you watch the video you answer a few questions. Users are also able to earn money when they promote for Bonzo Me clients and if a friend watch the video after promoting it on Social Media. Users the to have earn $10 or more to be paid.
Like many other GPT sites Paidverts pay users to click on ads. Users will be able to view their ad for 18 hours before they are assigned to another member of the site. Members also have the option to purchase a pro upgrade to receive more bonus ad points, this will allow users to receive larger value ads. Another tip users will need to know is, you have to copy three lines of copy about the ad and visit the site for at least 30 seconds to receive your payment. Users can redeem their earnings, using NNeteller, Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, SolidTrust Pay, EGO Pay, and Perfect Money.


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