Friday, January 9, 2015

Freelance with

There are a few post about getting jobs on freelancing sites on this site, the link the posts will be listed before this article. The freelancing site that will be featured in this blog post is

Type of Work 
Like many other freelance site, freelancers will be hired to complete a variety of task. For example, you may be hired to write a news article or do something more technical. Task will vary, but you can choose your area of expertise and work in that area. 

Earning Potential
Each assignment freelancers submit must contain a quote for the workshop are being hired to do. Freelancers may have to negotiate with their client in regards to the amount of money they will paid for their work. Freelancers S earnings also depend on if the job was assigned as a fixed price or hourly wage.

Payments Methods 
The site pays via PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, and ACH. 

Outsource is available in counties outside the U.S. However, I could not find a list with the countries that are allowed. 

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