Saturday, January 24, 2015

Work For Working Solutions

If you like from home and doing customer service work, Working Solutions maybe the site for you. When you apply you are applying for all open positions. Employees are responsible for can set their own hours p, but employees that are consistent are given more control over their schedule; some agents work 15 hours a week while other work full-time with Working Solutions.

Type of Work
If you choose to apply for Working Solutions you will work directly with the clients customers via the telephone a . Many of Working Solutions customers are retailers that specialize in sports, leisure products, footwear, and apparel. To be specific, customer service representatives will help clients with orders (new and existing). Having a sale background will be a pulsing you want to work for Working Solutions.

Earning Potential
Your income will crayon with this site, some employees may earn $9 an hour while others have earned up to $30 an hour. The company offers different programs (Appointment setting for example) and your program, work performance, and the amount of work will determine your pay rate. 

Payment Method
I did not see a payment.

U.S. citizens are allowed to apply for Working Solutions. 

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