Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make Extra Money With Jingit

Jingit is site that falls into the gpt site or get paid to site. If you need more information about gpt site you will find related posts at the end of this article. To make things better you can earn money from the Jingit app if you own a smartphone.

Type of Work

Check Ins
To successfully complete check ins you must be within 30 miles of the store you trying to check in. Secondly, users must have a smartphone that meets Jingit rules, click the link above to see the rest of the rules to complete check ins.

Receive Cash Back
You can earn money for shopping as well. Users can receive cash back scanning a receipt and scanning into the Jingit software and earn from their purchases. You can find more information at Jingit Offers.

Click Ads
You can click ads on the site with a Jingit logo and earn money. In addition, users give Jingit's partner sites feed back.

Earning Potential
There was no information about how much users are paid to complete tasks on the sites homepage.

Payment Method
There was no information about what payment processor the site use on Jingit homepage.

In order to earn money on Jingit, users must be 13 years old, reside in the United State, and have cellphone that enable text messages.

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