Monday, January 19, 2015

Get Paid to Write for London Brokers

London Brokers is a content mill similar to Textbroker. Writers will choice jobs from an assignment board and get paid when the client accepts the article.
Type of Work/Background
Like other popular content mills you will write articles for clients. Writers will have three days to complete each article before being returned to the assignment board. I did not see any information about a classification system for writers. London Brokers requires users to submit a photo id. The site will also delete your account after being inactive for a while.
Earning Potentially
Your earnings depend on how much you write, if you can successfully complete articles at a fast rate you can earn money quickly. Writers are rewarded with a 5% bonus for completing article within 24 hours of their deadline. In addition, writers are rewarded an extra 10% for articles that are considered urgent. Content that requires a high level of writing comes with higher pay, writers are paid $1.50 for 100 words.
Payment Rates
300 words-$2.00
400 words-$3.00
500 words-$3.50
750 words-$5.00
1000 words-$6.50
Payment Methods
Writers are paid every Tuesday and Friday via PayPal and Payoneer, writers can claim their earnings once they have earned $20.
There was no information about what countries are available to join on the site.

If you are inactive, London Brokers will delete your account. 


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