Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Earn Cash and Prizes With GPT Sites

This article is an continuation blog post about GPT sites that pay, (http://makingextradollars.blogspot.com/2014/12/earn-with-gpt-sites.html). If you are familiar with
GPT sites you know that you can do a variety of things on these sites. To be more specific, you maybe clicking ads, playing games, or participating in a partner site. Below are three GPT
sites that will pay you I the form or cash and prizes.

This site was established in 2012 and has a low payout option of $1.00. In addition, to a low redemption rate users can also enjoy the abundance of offers the site have and multiple payout sites (PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Neteller, and Amazon). To make thing better, the site pays better.

This particular GPT site consider themself to "The Webs Premier Online Rewards Program". Like many other site you can you earn points called zoombucks and get rewarded with cash and prizes.

DollarSignUp has a low cashout, the cashout amount is only 50 cents. Like the other sites on the list users will enjoy getting paid to complete offers and clicking ads among other activities.

Reward TV
Reward TV is a site that is similar other GPT sites, the only difference is you can earn prizes for watching your favorite television shows. After you watch your television show users will  be rewarded points for question you get correct. The sites categories include Primetime, Sports, and Movies. Users have the options to be rewarded with a few of the following prizes, $10 Amazon Gift Card,$10 TJ Maxx Gift card, and $5 Subway Gift Card.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Get Paid to Become a Travel Writer

Many people plan vacations and will need a guide of the place they will be visiting. If you like traveling or have a job where you are required to travel you can dabble in paid travel writing sites as well. Check out the sites below and see which one is good for you. 

Matador Network
Matador Network is a site that pays contributors for submitting travel  articles and photos. The word count for each submission must be no longer than 1500 words. It is important that you review the site and see what the site will accept. The site normally pays $20 or $25 but you could earn more. Photos must be viewable on another website you own as well. 

The Expeditioner
The Expeditioner accepts  travel articles from writers as well. This site recommends that writers write an article based on their own travels. In addition, the site recommends that the writers write articles that are 1100 to 1300 words.  Writers are paid $30 if their work is accepted. Check out the site for mire rules.

In the Know Traveler 
This site allows you to blog about your travels. Unlike other sites, the pay is low and you must prove yourself to the sites; writers will eventually earn $3 per blog post. Last but not least, writers must submit a photo, 1600×300 pixels is the minimum size requirement.

TripAdvisor works a little different than the other sites on this list. Writer will get paid based through their affiliate program, Commission Junction. Writers will get paid 50% commission when someone clicks a link that directs them to a TripAdvisor site.

Unachor is similar to TripAdvisor, travel writers will write itineraries and earn a commission for each one that sells. According to the website, writers will earn 75 of their earning for each sell they receive. Before you can begin writing for the site you have to feel out the site application. Writers can receive their earnings via PayPal or a check.

Wanderlust is a UK based travel publication that freelance travel writers may want to check out. According to the website Adventurous Kate the site has several catergories for freelancers to choose from. Writers must submit their articles to submissions@wanderlust.co.uk. I have been on the site and did not see a sign up tab. However,  you can email the site above for any questions. Writers may earn up to 220 GBP per 1000 words for most features.

Wend Magazine
Last but not least, writers can try Wend Magazine. According to  website Adventurous Kate users can earn up to .25 cents per word. Before you can begin writing for Wend you must send two samples of your writing (these samples must be related to the one you want to write). In addition, writers must also submit a summary of the story, estimated word count, and what category the is best for. Writers can email the site at the following address edit@wendmag.com


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make a Living By Talking

Many people perform jobs from the comfort of their home. With that being said, you can work for a company performing various tasks via a telephone. This blog post contain a few phone jobs that you can work from home.

Higher One 
Higher One is an company that offers their services to colleges and universities. Higher One offers tools that will help colleges with payment, student refunds, data analytics, and management tools; students have access to financial tools as well. I regards to a work from home opportunity, you can apply for a home based customer service position. The position is a hourly position. Potential employees will receive calls from college students. Training is available. You will have to check Higher One website to see if there is work from home position available.

Causeworx is company is that hire home-based workers to do phone jobs via the telephone; work from home employees will perform fundraising duties. You will have to call the company Employment Hotline or submit a resume to the company for a chance at employment. Click here for more information.
eDegree Advisors
eDegree Advisors is another work from home opportunity that specializes with the education industry. Employees will deal with individuals that plan to return to school and match them with local colleges and universities in their area. Home based customer service agents will need a computer with high speed internet (no mobile  hotspot), microphone, and USB headset. Click the link for more information.

Oasis Marketing Solutions 
Oasis marketing Solutions is a company that hire home based workers to do a wide variety of tasks at your home-based call center. Are  few of the tasks the that inbound sales, inbound customer service, and appointment setting. Click here for more information.
12ish has put a new spin on getting paid to talk. If you choose to work at via 12ish.com you will be a self-employed freelancers that gets paid to give advice. Freelancers will choose a topic they are knowledgeable about and sell it at a price you think is reasonable. To be more precise, users are required to stay on the phone with their client for 12 minutes. The site handles all payments from your clients. In addition, 12ish takes $1 plus 10% of your earning per call, payments are sent to PayPal account after your call is completed.

Ether is similar to 12ish but, there are a few differences. Ether gives users theie own number that you can forward to your home phone and/or cellphone. Users also set their own rate, users will be able to charge their clients per minute or per hour. The site is different then 12ish because your clients have to prepay your rate before you take the call. You can also sell your content online and set your own schedule. There was no information about Ether charging a fee foe using their service.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Earn Money Converting Links

Photo Credit Pixabay
The internet is full of sites that specialize in shortening links and the best part about it is you can earn money by doing it yourself. For those you that are interested in this online opportunity you will find a few sites that will pay you for making links shorter.  When you convert a link the ad will appear before the original content before your readers  can read the original content. Links can be placed on social media pages, blogs, and websites. You can incorporate the links into your blog when using a full page script that consist of HTML codes that you will copy and paste in your blog. This code will convert the links on your blog/website.  Below you will find a few sites that will allow to shorten links and earn money  at the sometimes.

Cashfly is one of many link shortners on the web. When people click your link they will be able to view your content in a full page ad or view the advertisement for second, after five second the reader will have the option to leave the ad and view the original content. Users can claim their earnings when they reach $5; users are paid via PayPal or check.

Coinurk.com is a popular link converting site that allow there users to earn money wheh someone click on the link you converted. The site offer banner and interstial ads. In addition, you can convert all the links on your website using coinurl.com full page scripts. Payments are made in bitcoins, 0.01 btc is tge lowest pay out option.

This site pays $4 per 1000 clicks. If you like the sound of that number you will love the referral fee, users will earn 20% commission for referring someone to this converting website. Paycout is $10.00. Visit the website for more information.

Linkbucks is a popular  links shortening website. The site is consider one of the best in it's category. Linkbucks allows users to earn using through three methods intermission, locker, and full page scripts. Intermission links will have the ad appear before the link and you will automatically get paid once your reader clicks on the link. Another way you can earn is using a locker links, individuals that use a locker link will be paid on a net 15 basis; your money will not show up on your account until 15 later. Locker ads  also require  your readers to participate in a short survey before they can proceed to original content. Last but not least, users must as specify if their content is clean or only for adults as well. Users must have $10 in their account before they can get paid, funds are instantly transferred to the users PayPal account.

adf.ly  is considered on of Linkbucks strongest competitors. The site is one of the top paying link shortners on the web. The site has better pay then it's rival Linkbucks, paying $5 per 1,000 clicks. However, Linkbucks takes the prize in features and has programs where writers can earn more money. Users can claim their money when they have $5 or more in their account. Users must have a PayPal or Liberty Reserves account.

Ysear.ch is also one of the newer link shortening websites. The site pays $2.00 per 1,000 clicks and have a minimum payout of $2.50, your earnings will be paid via PayPal.com and Payoneer.com

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Earn Residual Income By Writing

Residual income is earning money from a piece of work over and over again. With that being said writing is a easy way to earn residual income. Below are sites that help you earn passive income over and over again.

Wikinut is a residual writing site. The site allows writers to earn money in pounds
that must be converted in the currency of their country. The site has good built in traffic but low pay. However, the site is a good place to republish your original content. In addition writers can earn money by referring people to Wikinut.

Milk The Blog
Milk The Blog is a new writing site that is similar to Bubblews old pay rates. The only difference is the site only pay you for pageviews and comments. To be precise, writers will earn a penny per pageview and two cents per comment up to 20 comments. Your first three post must be approved before you can start self-publish. Check out the site if you are interested in earning residual income.

Day2day.com the word in the site url suggest, this site is about giving tips. Writers can write tips about a wide variety of subjects and earn money for I their tips. When you share your tips you will earn 70% of D2DTips revenue. Payouts is only a $1.00. Visit the website to get started.

Full of Knowledge
Full of Knowledge is a residual writing site that
pays using the CPM method (1000 pageviews). Articles must be 300 words and be your best work. Republish work is accepted, but you must list the original site and your pen name if you are using a different one on Full of Knowledge. Last but not least, your articles serious articles.

Chillkey is another residual writinf site that allows to earn residual income ftom your writing. After viewibf a couple of articles on the home page, articles do not have ti long or serious in nature. A payrate was not found on the website so I guess you have to join to figure out.

Expert Columns
Expert Columns is a residual writing sites that pay per page view, the site is also owned by the same company that owns Full of Knowledge. The site is also a niche blog site. Members are also rewarded financially for being social. To be more percise, members are paid for sharing content, commenting, participating in contests, and many other social activities.

If you do not reach the $15 payout for a month, you will lose your earnings.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Earn Money By Completing Surveys with These 4 Sites

The internet is full of survey sites that will pay you for your time. Some sites will offer you pocket change while others will allow you to earn a bit more. Below are a few survey sites that you can use to earn money.

Survey Savvy
Survey Savvy was launched in 1999 and like other survey sites matches clients with companies. You are matched to survey based on the information you tell the company in your profile. Users are notified about surveys via email. A payment can be requested when a user has earned a $1 or more.

Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost offers user to earn money from surveys as well. Like Survey Savvy, users will have to give Opinion Outpost personal information and wait for an email from the company.  According to the FAQs the average survey can last from 10-15 minutes.  Payment is paid in the form of cash via PayPal and/or gift cards to sites like Amazon.

My Survey
My Survey has been around since 1946 but been on the web since 2001. The accepts users from multiple countries around the world, a few countries are Ireland, Canada, U.S and France. Payments can be received by PayPal or via a gift card.

 iPoll is a survey site for people that love shopping, users can earn money shopping. In addition, users can earn giving their opinions about products they use in their daily lives. To make it things more interesting users are rewarded a $5 sign up bonus. Last but not least, iPoll is available on Android and Apple smartphones.

Cashback Research
Cashback Research seems to be a good site to earn for doing survey, according to there homepage survey takers can earn up to $75 per survey. In addition, to taking survey, members can redeem coupons (there is no information about being rewarded for redeeming coupons). Users can also earn point for participating in free trials, playing games, and doing other things one the site. If you would like more information, you can visit the following link, http://www.cashbackresearch.com/joinpreferences_CBR_withQs.asp?AffiliateID=64&OfferID=57044&SubID=20&from=&bonus=1. Another thing you will like about Cashback Research is how organized they are, members can click their survey dashboard and to discover their payment history, and ways to earn on the site (the site does not specify if this will be survey invitations or other ways to earn money). Members also have the option to join Cashback Clik!, a progtam that allow members to earn money by reading emails. Members are paid via PayPal for cash redemptions or gift cards.

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Make Money With these 4 Crowdsourcing Sites

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Crowdsourcing sites are a popular way to earn money online. If you choose to earn money using a site of this kind you can find several on the internet. Some may require you to take a test while others will let you begin completing tasks after you sign up. Here are a few crowdsourcing sites that you should consider. You may be hired to write an article do data entry, or research for a company.
Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)
Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk is a crowdsourcing site owned by Amazon. Users complete jobs that are referred to as hits. This site eliminates PayPal and pays in Amazon gift cards and/or cash payments. Citizens that reside in the United States and India can get their earning deposited in their bank account, users from all other countries will have to settle for Amazon gift cards. Last but not least, Mturks earning are taxable.

Clickwork is another popular crowdsourcing site as well. Before you can begin doing tasks with this company you will have to pass assessments in multiple areas; the site workers are called Clickworkers. Clickerworkers may be hired to do tasks months following areas: Text creation, keyword assignment and categorization, web research, product management, mobile crowdsourcing, and translation. Payments are paid via PayPal.

Elance can be considered one of the big boys in the crowdsourcing business. The site has more than 2 million workers ready to complete assignment. With that being said, Prance freelancers can earn money writing, doing programming, as a graphic designing, and doing marketing work. Workers on Elance are paid by the hour and must turn on the Work View feature to track the hours they work.

Guru is another competitive crowdsourcing sites that allow freelancers to earn to sell their skills. Like other sites freelancers can post their previous work to promote themselves. Freelancers also have to send a proposal when applying for jobs. Freelancers also given leads for jobs they can apply for.
One thing freelancers will like about Guru is the ability to be organized. Freelancers are given an area called Work Room where they can set goals, keep track of goals, keep in contact with employers, share documents, and work out payment arrangements for the work you will do. Last but not least, our earnings will be guarded with via the SafePay. Your client will pay Guru for the work you will do and once the work is approved  you are paid the money.

Like the rest of the crowdsourcing sites on this list, oDesk is another crowdsourcing site that dominates this market. Freelancers must take a test designed by oDesk before they can begin applying and accepting jobs. It is important that you have a profile that is showcase your skill and have no grammatical errors. Users are able to redeem funds via Local Funds Transfer, Skrill, Direct Deposit/ACH, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer. Online workers will also need to download the oDesk Team App, this feature takes screenshots of your work and allow and will determine whether you were working on your clients project. The oDesk Team App can come in handy if you were working and your client is refusing to pay you.

Odesk has changed there name to Upwork.


Friday, December 5, 2014

4 Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

With modern technology, people have the luxury of working from home. With that being said, there are several companies that you can work for a company that hire home-based customer service representatives. Below are a few companies that hire home-based customer service agents.
Alpine Access
Alpine Access is one of the leading companies that hire home-based customer service reps. The company offers their employees, many benefits, including promotions, health and retirement benefits, and competitive compensation. In In addition, U.S. employees get paid time or cash rewards. For more information about Alpine Access click the link.
Convergys is another company that hires individuals to do home-based customer service work. The company in hiring for work at home customer service reps in all states. A few benefits of working with this company are paid training, paid vacation, advancement opportunities, and flexibility in work schedule. Click here for more information.
Active Network
If you need another option you can work for Active Network. The company specializes in online event management. The company has an actual facility that hires traditional employees, but also hire home-based reps as well. The pay is for beginners is $7.50 per hour. In addition to the pay, the company only hires reps from 19 states.
ACD Direct
This company operates a little differently thsn the other work at home companies on this list. Customer service reps are hired as independent contractor's and are paid to take phone calls for non-profits. Pay can be as little as 23 cents per minute and high as 35 cents per minute. When you start out your earnings may be low due to the fact that new independent contractors get the first picks on assignments.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

5 Apps That Pay You

Cellphones are full of apps that pay people to use them. Some allow you to put ads on your lock screen and pay you a every time you unlock your phone and some require a bit more work, you make have to do surveys or scan an item the next time you are in the grocery store, Below are five apps that will pay you for your time. Before you start downloading apps that pay, remember you will not earn a full-time income but you make earn a little pocket change for small purchases.

Surveys On The Go
As the app name suggest you can do surveys while on the go, thanks to your cellphone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. According to the information on the app website, you will participate in surveys that are short and simple. If you join this site, you will get paid via PayPal.

Gigwalk has been around since 2010. This apps works a little differently than the one mentioned above, users better known as Gigwalkers will help companies with their marketing in a way. With that being said, Gigwalkers maybe taking a photo of a product for a company. Click here for more information on the site.

If you like coupons then you will love Ibotta. Ibotta is designed to help you save money at the grocery store. Before you plan your next grocery store trip, you can find rebates on items you like and unlock them by completing task. After you finish shopping, you can take a picture of your receipt to verify your purchase. If your store is a Ibotta partner store you link your loyalty card and bypass the uploading the receipt. You will be rewarded with cash within 2 days.

ESPN Streak for the Cash
If you love sports, this next app will be for you. Many sports lovers bet their hard earned money on games against their friends but how about choosing the correct winners in 10 or more sports. ESPN will require you to have the longest winning streak. If you can successfully do this you can win a large monetary prize.

Mobile Rewards
Mobile Rewards is basically a Get Paid to Site in the form of an app. Users will earn money every time they watch a video, visit a website, and or participate in a free trail. Visit the Play Store and/or Appstore for more information.

If you are interested in other apps in this category click the following link,http://adf.ly/1M71To.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4 Content Mills That Pay You To Write

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Content mills are sites that allow writers to earn money by completing writing assignments for clients. Most content mills put jobs in a open jobs board (according to writing level) where writers can chose jobs based on his or her writing level. Some may require a writing samples while others will make all writers start at the bottom and work their way to the top. Below are a few content mills you may want to check out.

Writer Access
Writer Access pays $0.02 to $1.00 per word. This website is similar to other content mills where the high level writers earn more. Before you can begin writing for clients you must submit a writing sample and wait for the company's editors to rate your article 2-5 stars. Writers can also write in levels below their assigned level as well. In addition, you can join a client "Love List" (this is done through a Casting Call) if you make a good impression and they will consider you for future projects.

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Break Studios
Break Studios is a site dedicated to men related issues. This site pays a little more than most content mills so you must present a high level of writing. With that being said, you must submit a resume and submit the URLs of the sites you write for. In addition, you will choose three categories and three subjects that correspond with that particular category. Last but not least, you will have to submit a writing sample as well.

Need an Article
Need an Article is a site that allows writers to earn money writing as well. This site allows writers to write in the areas that interest them. For more information about the site visit the website.

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Iwriter is another popular content mill on the internet. Unlike other website, there is no approval process, writers can begin writing articles after they complete the sign up process. The site has three levels Standard, Premium, and Elite. Iwriter also is open to anybody in the world, that's right the site accepts writers globally.A writer automatically advance to the Premium level once they successfully complete 30 articles. Writers can also write a ebook, but who would write an ebook without a deposit first.  Writers also have the option to choose their payment date. The four options writers can choose from a
is every Tuesday, every other Wednesday, the 5th of (monthly), or the 25th (monthly). In addition, the site pays sites pays via PayPal; writers can claim their earnings once they have reach $20.

Last but not least, Iwriter has a few flaws. First, writers can be scammed by the sites clients. With that being said, the site has no system in place to stop clients from scamming you. Iwriter, writers have to play detective and examine the clients approval rate Another things you should is the fast track program, this is a program requires writers to pay to become a Elite writer, the highest level a writer can reach writing for Iwriter.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

4 ways to Monetize Your Social Media Accounts

Many people use Twitter regularly and do so for free. What if I told you you can get paid for posting a the 140 characters statement. Below are a few websites where you are rewarded cash for twitting.

Paid Per Tweet

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Paid Per Tweet is just one of many companies that it's users to monetize their Twitter accounts. Members of Paid Per Tweet promote companies on Twitter and are paid a certain price for twitting about that company. The more followers you have the more money you can demand per tweet. Payments are made via PayPal.

Paid2twitter.com pays it users to follow, tweet, retweet, on the popular social networking site. You are doing what you already doing for free. Users can earn even more when they refer a friend with their referral code. Users can request a payment to their PayPal accountonce their balance is $10 or more. If you are interested in earning with Paid2twitter.com click here.

Ad Dynamo
Photo Credit Pixabay
Ad Dynamo is an African company that offers it's users a change to earn money via Twitter as well. After signing up for the site you will link your Twitter and Ad Dynamo accounts. After this step, all you have to do is wait until you receive a notification from the company with a offer to promote a company and set the price you are willing to do it for. There are two options to choose from in regards to payments; if you choose to be be rewarded with PayPal you you will be paid when you reach $20. You can also choose to receive payment with a Ad Dynamo Card; you will have to have have $50 on your account.

Ad Per Clicks
Ads Per Clicks is a simple site that will allow you to earn money using Twitter as well. After signing up for the site you choose a url or a ad you want to promote. As the company name suggest you will get paid everything someone click the add. Payments are made via PayPal when your account balance has reached $50.

3 Sites that Pay You to Answer Questions

If you happen to be a know it all or like researching different things, you can earn money by answering questions. Below are ways you can earn money by answering questions.

Rewarded is an online site that is new to this industry. Users can sign up via Facebook or create an account with their e-mail address. The site allows someone to post a question and people to answer it. The person seeking the answer is will choose the best answer and reward that person with a small fee. Users can cash put once they accounts reaches $5, you can request your money through
SquareCash or Amazon gift card.

Just Answer
Just Answer is another site that pays you answer questions. Before you can get started with Just Answer you must complete a quiz, take a test, and verify your credentials.

Live Person
This answer/question type site is different from the other sites of this kind. This site allows people to get  answers from people that are can actually help them.

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Selling Your Photos Online

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Many people have a passion for photography, but what if I told you you cold sell your photos online and earn money for your photos. Below are a few sites that will pay you for quality photos.

This site allows  is a good option for photographers. Like many other sites the photographer will sell their original work and earn a commision for each order. The commission chart can be found within the following link, www.instaproofs.com/how-it-works.html. Another benefits of  selling your photos via this site is there are no sign up and  monthly membership fee for using the service. One negative of the site is your clients only have nine months to by your photos. Last but not least, the site gives users access to promotional tools (social media sharing and bookmarking.

PhotoBox is a site founded by Graham Hobson and Mark Chapman and ranned by CEO Stan Laurent. Like the other sites listed in this blog post  you will upload your pictures and earn per sale (the sites does  state what your percenage would be. One perk that PhotoBox users have is free online storage. One things that is not clear is if American citizens can  join the site, United States is not  on the choose your country list when you  enter the site. In the following link will take you to the home page where you see choose your country, www.photobox.com.
iStockphoto.com is one of the many sites that allow photographers to sell your photographs and other types of creative work as well (audio and video) on the internet. Contributors are paid 15% for each file downloaded iStock Credit and Pay As You Go plans. If you are an exclusive member you can earn up 45%. If someone pays an fir your work via a subscription you are paid a flat fee, the fee is determined by the by your level of exclusivity and the category your work belong to. Users can also post video and get paid for video downloads as well.
Is a good alternative to the other sites included in this article. The company allows you to set your price and keep 85% of your markup. In addition, the company will allow refund you money if the customer does not like your money. Last but not least, you will get help marketing your work and will be able to give out coupons and create packages for your clients. If you are interested.
Photo-Seller works differently then the other two sites already mentioned. For starters you will have to pay to join. In addition, to the paying to joint Photo-Seller has a deal with WordPress for website building and multiple payment arrangements for your customers. For more information about Photo-Seller.

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Become a Seller on Ebay and/or Amazon

Is your house overcrowded or do you have unwanted stuff in your basement and/or attic? If your answer to the following question is yes, you can become a seller on Ebay and/or Amazon. You do not have to have an overcrowded house and/or unwanted objects to sell your products on Ebay or Amazon, this is  a good place for aspiring  and established entrepreneurs to sell their products and gain exposure for their business. Below are reviews for both sites.

Ebay has a simple approach to helping it's sellers, sell products quickly. With that being said, you can place all your items in your own Ebay store. The site has a step by step guide on how to get started. Buyers can select store categories, have access to users' traffic reports, and and find our what fee for running your store. For more information about the site, click here.

Just like Ebay you can sell your products on Amazon. As one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world you may be able to reach a large audience. Users are also allowed to build a website and sell your products on this site as well. In addition, you can also self-publish a book with the company as well. Click the link above for more details.

Monday, December 1, 2014

4 Sites that Allow to Earn Posting on Forums

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Many people often give their opinion about current events and other things for free. If you are an opinionated person you should try applying for a site that pay you to post online forums and earn extra money. Most sites in this category require excellent grammar skills and may require a trail period.

Postloop is one if the top paid online forums on the web. Posters are awarded points that can be converted into cash for a Payment via PayPal. Before you can begin earning, you will have to make 10 trail post. If you follow the required steps and do good post you will be invited to join the site. For more information about Postloop visit the website http://www.postloop.com/.

Knoji is a site that specialize in consumer reports. Knoji users can write reviews about an array of products. For more information about Knolji click the following link, https://knoji.com/.

We Love Forums
We Love Forums us one of the highest paying online forums on the web; users are paid $0.25 per post. Like the other sites you are required to have good grammar. In addition, you must write posts that total 25 words. If users break one of the site's rules your earning maybe reduced or your account maybe suspended; payments are made via PayPal.

Forums First
Forums First is a good site to check out if you like forum posting as well. Writers will have to apply and provide five written samples that will all the site's administrator's to rate your grammar stills.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Daily Two Cents and Writedge: Two Sites Allow you To Earn Residual Income

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Daily Two Cent is a site that allows it earn residual income writing short articles. Articles must be 100 words and well written. Writers are paid a half a cent per word. In addition, writers earn from affilate programs, writers can incorporte their Zazzle account, Allposters account, Chitika accounts, Amazaon affiliate program, and other programs. Writers are paid on a net 30 basis. For example, you will get your November earnings on January 2. Writers get paid via PayPal when
their accounts reaches $5.

Writedge is a the sister site of Daily Two Cents. Like it's sister site, writers can earn half a cent per page view, must have $5 in their account before they get paid, and must have a PayPal account. Unlike it's sister site writers must write articles that are 400 words long. Articles must be well written for Writedge as well.

Daily Two Cents changed the amount writers get paid per page view. Writers will get $1.50 per l,000 unique pageviews  or 0.0015 per view.

July 1, 2015
Daily Two Cents raised the CPM to 2.00 per 1,000 page views.