Friday, December 19, 2014

Get Paid to Become a Travel Writer

Many people plan vacations and will need a guide of the place they will be visiting. If you like traveling or have a job where you are required to travel you can dabble in paid travel writing sites as well. Check out the sites below and see which one is good for you. 

Matador Network
Matador Network is a site that pays contributors for submitting travel  articles and photos. The word count for each submission must be no longer than 1500 words. It is important that you review the site and see what the site will accept. The site normally pays $20 or $25 but you could earn more. Photos must be viewable on another website you own as well. 

The Expeditioner
The Expeditioner accepts  travel articles from writers as well. This site recommends that writers write an article based on their own travels. In addition, the site recommends that the writers write articles that are 1100 to 1300 words.  Writers are paid $30 if their work is accepted. Check out the site for mire rules.

In the Know Traveler 
This site allows you to blog about your travels. Unlike other sites, the pay is low and you must prove yourself to the sites; writers will eventually earn $3 per blog post. Last but not least, writers must submit a photo, 1600×300 pixels is the minimum size requirement.

TripAdvisor works a little different than the other sites on this list. Writer will get paid based through their affiliate program, Commission Junction. Writers will get paid 50% commission when someone clicks a link that directs them to a TripAdvisor site.

Unachor is similar to TripAdvisor, travel writers will write itineraries and earn a commission for each one that sells. According to the website, writers will earn 75 of their earning for each sell they receive. Before you can begin writing for the site you have to feel out the site application. Writers can receive their earnings via PayPal or a check.

Wanderlust is a UK based travel publication that freelance travel writers may want to check out. According to the website Adventurous Kate the site has several catergories for freelancers to choose from. Writers must submit their articles to I have been on the site and did not see a sign up tab. However,  you can email the site above for any questions. Writers may earn up to 220 GBP per 1000 words for most features.

Wend Magazine
Last but not least, writers can try Wend Magazine. According to  website Adventurous Kate users can earn up to .25 cents per word. Before you can begin writing for Wend you must send two samples of your writing (these samples must be related to the one you want to write). In addition, writers must also submit a summary of the story, estimated word count, and what category the is best for. Writers can email the site at the following address



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