Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make a Living By Talking

Many people perform jobs from the comfort of their home. With that being said, you can work for a company performing various tasks via a telephone. This blog post contain a few phone jobs that you can work from home.

Higher One 
Higher One is an company that offers their services to colleges and universities. Higher One offers tools that will help colleges with payment, student refunds, data analytics, and management tools; students have access to financial tools as well. I regards to a work from home opportunity, you can apply for a home based customer service position. The position is a hourly position. Potential employees will receive calls from college students. Training is available. You will have to check Higher One website to see if there is work from home position available.

Causeworx is company is that hire home-based workers to do phone jobs via the telephone; work from home employees will perform fundraising duties. You will have to call the company Employment Hotline or submit a resume to the company for a chance at employment. Click here for more information.
eDegree Advisors
eDegree Advisors is another work from home opportunity that specializes with the education industry. Employees will deal with individuals that plan to return to school and match them with local colleges and universities in their area. Home based customer service agents will need a computer with high speed internet (no mobile  hotspot), microphone, and USB headset. Click the link for more information.

Oasis Marketing Solutions 
Oasis marketing Solutions is a company that hire home based workers to do a wide variety of tasks at your home-based call center. Are  few of the tasks the that inbound sales, inbound customer service, and appointment setting. Click here for more information.
12ish has put a new spin on getting paid to talk. If you choose to work at via you will be a self-employed freelancers that gets paid to give advice. Freelancers will choose a topic they are knowledgeable about and sell it at a price you think is reasonable. To be more precise, users are required to stay on the phone with their client for 12 minutes. The site handles all payments from your clients. In addition, 12ish takes $1 plus 10% of your earning per call, payments are sent to PayPal account after your call is completed.

Ether is similar to 12ish but, there are a few differences. Ether gives users theie own number that you can forward to your home phone and/or cellphone. Users also set their own rate, users will be able to charge their clients per minute or per hour. The site is different then 12ish because your clients have to prepay your rate before you take the call. You can also sell your content online and set your own schedule. There was no information about Ether charging a fee foe using their service.


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