Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Selling Your Photos Online

Photo Credit Pixabay
Many people have a passion for photography, but what if I told you you cold sell your photos online and earn money for your photos. Below are a few sites that will pay you for quality photos.

This site allows  is a good option for photographers. Like many other sites the photographer will sell their original work and earn a commision for each order. The commission chart can be found within the following link, www.instaproofs.com/how-it-works.html. Another benefits of  selling your photos via this site is there are no sign up and  monthly membership fee for using the service. One negative of the site is your clients only have nine months to by your photos. Last but not least, the site gives users access to promotional tools (social media sharing and bookmarking.

PhotoBox is a site founded by Graham Hobson and Mark Chapman and ranned by CEO Stan Laurent. Like the other sites listed in this blog post  you will upload your pictures and earn per sale (the sites does  state what your percenage would be. One perk that PhotoBox users have is free online storage. One things that is not clear is if American citizens can  join the site, United States is not  on the choose your country list when you  enter the site. In the following link will take you to the home page where you see choose your country, www.photobox.com.
iStockphoto.com is one of the many sites that allow photographers to sell your photographs and other types of creative work as well (audio and video) on the internet. Contributors are paid 15% for each file downloaded iStock Credit and Pay As You Go plans. If you are an exclusive member you can earn up 45%. If someone pays an fir your work via a subscription you are paid a flat fee, the fee is determined by the by your level of exclusivity and the category your work belong to. Users can also post video and get paid for video downloads as well.
Is a good alternative to the other sites included in this article. The company allows you to set your price and keep 85% of your markup. In addition, the company will allow refund you money if the customer does not like your money. Last but not least, you will get help marketing your work and will be able to give out coupons and create packages for your clients. If you are interested.
Photo-Seller works differently then the other two sites already mentioned. For starters you will have to pay to join. In addition, to the paying to joint Photo-Seller has a deal with WordPress for website building and multiple payment arrangements for your customers. For more information about Photo-Seller.

Photo Credit Pixabay


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