Thursday, December 11, 2014

Earn Residual Income By Writing

Residual income is earning money from a piece of work over and over again. With that being said writing is a easy way to earn residual income. Below are sites that help you earn passive income over and over again.

Wikinut is a residual writing site. The site allows writers to earn money in pounds
that must be converted in the currency of their country. The site has good built in traffic but low pay. However, the site is a good place to republish your original content. In addition writers can earn money by referring people to Wikinut.

Milk The Blog
Milk The Blog is a new writing site that is similar to Bubblews old pay rates. The only difference is the site only pay you for pageviews and comments. To be precise, writers will earn a penny per pageview and two cents per comment up to 20 comments. Your first three post must be approved before you can start self-publish. Check out the site if you are interested in earning residual income.

day2daytips the word in the site url suggest, this site is about giving tips. Writers can write tips about a wide variety of subjects and earn money for I their tips. When you share your tips you will earn 70% of D2DTips revenue. Payouts is only a $1.00. Visit the website to get started.

Full of Knowledge
Full of Knowledge is a residual writing site that
pays using the CPM method (1000 pageviews). Articles must be 300 words and be your best work. Republish work is accepted, but you must list the original site and your pen name if you are using a different one on Full of Knowledge. Last but not least, your articles serious articles.

Chillkey is another residual writinf site that allows to earn residual income ftom your writing. After viewibf a couple of articles on the home page, articles do not have ti long or serious in nature. A payrate was not found on the website so I guess you have to join to figure out.

Expert Columns
Expert Columns is a residual writing sites that pay per page view, the site is also owned by the same company that owns Full of Knowledge. The site is also a niche blog site. Members are also rewarded financially for being social. To be more percise, members are paid for sharing content, commenting, participating in contests, and many other social activities.

If you do not reach the $15 payout for a month, you will lose your earnings.


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